Thread: Looking for FFIII in origianl 8-bit form

Looking for FFIII in origianl 8-bit form

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    Looking for FFIII in origianl 8-bit form

    I'm sure it's not on any American system, other than emulator. Would any of these work as the game, or does (J) mean in Japanese?:

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    It's not legal to download those. I'll just give you some information. The original 8-bit version of Final Fantasy III was released in Japan only for NES (Famicom). However, some fans translated the game by themselves long ago. In fact, that was before the game was remade in 3D for the Nintendo DS and released in English officially for the first time.

    But don't be confused as there is another unrelated Final Fantasy III for Super Nintendo (SNES). That game is actually Final Fantasy VI, but it was released in America as "Final Fantasy III".

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    Is there a way to get the fan translated one that isn't a ROM?

    And I'm totally familiar with the whole FF2/FF4 and FF3/FF6 deal and everything else about those 1-6 Japan and US FF game-related translation issues. I've even played a little of FF5 recently on my PS2 (FF Anthology for PS1). Not really a bad a game so far, don't see why it wasn't translated to the US back in the day.

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    Unfortunately since there is no official English release of the original version of FF3, the only way to play it in English is using the fan-made translation, which could also be illegal.

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    Thanks. I'll figure something out.