Thread: FFIX Remastered. Feedback and patch suggestions.

FFIX Remastered. Feedback and patch suggestions.

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    Rolleyes FFIX Remastered. Feedback and patch suggestions.


    As a long time FFIX fan, there are several thing in the remastered version that are bugging me, as they aren't exactly what you would call "new features", they are just a downgrade from the original without any gain.
    I (and many others) have all the FF9 controls almost built in my DNA by now, and many of the changes made in the remaster didn't actually "change" the game, but made them just worse to deal with. Don't get me wrong, I love the remastered FFIX, there are just few things that goes against the good feels.

    I don't know how many of these problems are even possible to fix with patches, but I sincerely hope we get fixes to these in time.

    1. We can't menu fast like before, it has a delay every time you go in or out of some menu page. Those slower menus are really hard to deal with as we are accustomed to use the menus much faster.
    Example: In old version you could quickly hit circle-down-X to get to next selection, now if you hit those same commands quickly, it ends up only registering circle-X, and you go back to same item. You need to wait between every point of menuing, it gives me gray hair. I'm used to fast menus and I don't see a reason why they couldn't be so.
    Also some speech bubbles are very slow, for example in Chocobo's Forest all the speech/info bubbles comes and goes really slow, regardless of how fast you spam.

    2. We can't speak with square, which especially sucks in Chocobo Hot & Cold. You need to do that so much that it wouldn't hurt to be able to handle everything with square, and not be guessing what you can spam with square and what not. And of course speedrunning without Turbo controller just became a big "nope".

    3. In combat, you can't move the cursor for example from Attack to Item by just pressing up. Why shouldn't we be able to skip from one side to the other like before in combat commands?

    4. Character movement is quite awful, it's not a smooth all around analog movement as in the original version (even on emulator with the same controller, the old controls are very good).
    In the remaster it feels more like 8 axis movement or something like that, or sometimes you even have to rotate the analog stick almost 90 degrees before your character turns anywhere, it makes the moving around very drunk-like, and again, a big "nope" for speedrunning.
    I tested with couple different types of controllers, all works the same. Problem seems to be in the game.

    5. Did you remove stutter stepping from world map or am I just super unlucky? I don't mind, I just tried it out of curiosity and figured it didn't work at all. That's fine, no need to stutter step anymore (thank god!), and it's a nice little touch for the possible "Steam FFIX RTA" category that might work some day if we get few small fixes.

    Thank you Square-Enix, I love the remake, most of the upgrades are lovely and beautiful and really welcome. I just thought I'd share these few points where the game could be improved.



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    I have just finished the game on Android and it was a fantastic port, actually it's their best so far. I highly appreciate Silicon Studio's work on this one, it's EXCELLENT. I have completed the following mobile ports: FF 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 9, as well as Dragon Quest 1, 2, and 8, and Chrono Trigger. Also played a bit of FF 7 which is by far the worst mobile port (very sadly).

    I have no idea about no 5 but none of the other problems you mentioned exist in the mobile version, so it's probably they haven't properly done the PC controls.

    I have two suggestions based on my full play-through of the game. A way of soft resetting the game as in the original version is much needed. I think the PC version also doesn't have it. Must close the app then reload, which takes a minute or so but can get tedious at times when you want to experiment something.

    The second is for auto-battle, it is made so that your characters will just spam the first command (normally that would be Attack). In the other FF ports that auto-battle was added to, if you set the command setting to Memorize (normally that would set the pointer to the last command you chose to help for repetition), auto-battle will spam the last command you chose. I tried this in this version, but it seems auto-battle will always spam Attack only, which is useful only in less important random battles.

    The last one probably doesn't exist in the PC version, there should be a toggle button on the mobile version for fast forward, should be on screen all the time. It isn't very convenient to pause so that we can turn it on or off.
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    I thought it might be so that the mobile versions works fine, too bad they couldn't port good controls for PC :/

    True, the missing soft reset is also a problem. Menu being the only place to soft reset isn't very useful.

    I don't use auto battle or any cheats ever, so I don't know about anything related to those.

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    Auto is not cheating, it is basically like holding down the X button on PS1 during battles the entire time, which will select Attack for all your characters on the first enemy target.

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    Ah, I didn't mean it like that, separated auto battle and cheats because, as you said, auto battle isn't cheating. I think auto battle is perfect solution for mobile though.

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