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Thread: About 3rd ending

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    About 3rd ending

    I am here speaking about the possibility of the creation by dontnod of a bonus 3rd ending.

    1- Why ?

    Dontnod could do it as a FLC/DLC. Best moment to release it would be at official announcement of LiS2 development (or sometime before LiS2 release).
    It would be great for fan service and kickstarting the hype for LiS2 (hence more LiS2 sells). Dontnod wouldn't even have to make a big secret of it, sure there would be not point of releasing the script of the 3rd ending or spoiling themselves, but here the point wouldn't be to surprise anyone but to make people speak about it.

    2- Which supplemental ending ?

    Most people have already imagined that Max, during the “sacrifice Chloe” ending could have tried to save Chloe. This particular possibility seems indeed missing when you think about it… you can sacrifice everybody, but yourself.

    Obviously, Dontnod could not consider this ending like the two others, as it is really unbalanced (clearly, that’s the “everyday hero” ending), so this ending should be conditional of past achievements during the game.

    It would be way too costly to modify the previous episodes to create the conditions of a “best” ending, so I guess an easy way to introduce this ending would be to use pre-existing conditions. For example, this ending would only appear as a choice if Max has a spotless record for caring and being selfless previously (saving everyone, being nice etc…) as such Max could be considered to be the only one to have the guts to do it.

    And contrary to other people who think Max should survive at the end of this particular ending, I strongly disagree, this would throw away the emotional drama in it… dramas are what make story stick in your mind, and the two first ending, by being bittersweet, have shown it : Would have they finish happily, they would have been much more forgettable.

    3- Is it consistent ?

    Actually I do think so.
    People sometimes say that Chloe alive was the reason of the storm. But for all we know, the cause of the storm could simply be Max using her rewind power. Here, the butterfly picture is a reset button : By going back to this moment in time, she erase all the changes she has made (apart saving Chloe’s father, but she already has erased this event).
    So basically, by going back to the very start, and tearing apart the butterfly photo, one could consider that she never triggers the storm.

    What do you think guys??

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    well according to stephen howking when you travel to other times or realities a version of you is left there remember when max met max and every one were saying save us max like zombies in episode 5 !?

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    Wished there is a 3rd ending where u use too few rewinds that the disaster will fade off by itself.

    In my macguyver run, i try to solve many big moments without rewind.

    I don't mean just accept what u get.

    I mean like saving cloe from nathan or the train without using rewind
    Or painting Victoria without rewind either.

    These are achievable without Max needing to learn something and fixing it like moving a glass of soda...

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