I'm 80% done with the game but encountered a bug and now I'm completely stuck with no way to get out. When I squeezed through the small opening (which was then blocked by steam), I wasn't aware I was supposed to shoot down what the Solarii were raising and started taking them out instead. At one point, Lara's body and point of view glitched and I had to jump around and get shot at a few times before it went back to normal. That was the first thing that went wrong. Then, after I killed everyone, I couldn't get through the door that was supposed to be opened if you go straight and to the left from where you entered. I ended up restarting at my last checkpoint and the door was then opened. As I made my way to the top and to the hanging platform, she lets go every time I jump on it. No matter what I do, she just lets go. I can't make my way out. I've tried restarting from the checkpoint over and over, and still nothing. Does anyone know how I can get out of this, or am I stuck forever? Please help! And thank you!