Thread: Youtube video of cut scenes and gameplay opinion

Youtube video of cut scenes and gameplay opinion

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    Unhappy Youtube video of cut scenes and gameplay opinion

    Upon initial view of the progress I am disappointed the devs decided to use a blur on things.. In m opinion. The background images are now blurry. Vaans head is blurry.. In my opinion. You wouldn't know there was a cave behind the dude with the circular weapon (can't remember his name) if you didn't see these images or play the game on ps2. In my opinion. There is sooooo much detail lost.. In my opinion. I thought this was a remaster? Since when do remasters get blurrier?
    Here's the trailer for the remaster:
    Please don't do this to my beloved game.. The battles are too zoomed in on the characters and monsters too, unlike before where it was further out.. This seems too much like type-0 hd for pc where it's zoomed in too much, along with dragon quest heroes.. Dragon Quest Heroes seemed to have an issue too with the camera locking on to the enemies and bosses.. But that was a hack and slash kinda game..

    I really and truly think based on the video this is going in the wrong direction in my opinion.. If I was on this team that is doing the remaster I would also be focusing on backgrounds looking crisper. In these scenes it is blurry. Why would anyone want blurry visuals? Everything is darker.. Why would you want to go away from the lighter side of things? Everything looks so heavily compressed it lost detail.. What's going on here? Is this what the ps4 does? I keep seeing remasters using this blue blur.. Why are they using a blur tool instead of sharpening tools? It's lost so much detail in the background.. I sincerely hope it isn't final.. I'm not interested in a game that uses such a blur and not to mention the battles being way too zoomed in on characters and monsters.. This is just my opinion though, everyone is entitled to their own..

    Let me know how you feel about the video. Did I raise good points? What could be done to better the cut scenes and battles so far? Really having a problem with this blurring.. Not a smart move in my opinion..
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    I share your fear.
    I too have seen the blurred Vaan, but it’s not a flaw of PS4’s graphic compartment… remember who did -and how- X/X-2 remaster for PS3…
    History never repeats itself, people do.