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Thread: PS2-to-PS4

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    Since we the Nosgoth fans isn't getting a new game, NOT getting a HD collection, NOT getting a Soul Reaver reboot.

    Can we have Soul Reaver 2 (PS2), Blood Omen 2 (PS2), & LOK Defiance (PS2) on PS4 digital? Please? I'll buy them all ..
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    You're not alone wanting that, unfortunately you'll be met with silence if you're trying to get a moment of the higher ups.

    What you can do is bicker at them repeatedly on the different mediums, like I do with my letters, and hold unto your hopes for that's the best anyone of us can do.

    But to give a small light in your day, there is an on going HD fan-remake on going named "Soul Revenant". It's for the moment only consisting of 2-3 people from what I recall and one of the users here, our precious lord and saviour, Lord_Hylden. Check the Kain's Lament thread for his latest creations.

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