I've stayed silent on this issue for a while cause but I decided I'm going to make my goodbye post as well, it will probably be the last time I ever post on these forums! But I'm going to share the story anyway, warning: long post ahead, if you don't want to slog through it, don't.

At the very beginning I was one of the most vocal opponents to Nosgoth, learning that Square Enix had picked up the IP (the same Square Enix that released FFXII, FFXIII, Final Fantasy All The Bravest, Mindjack, FFXIV 1.0, and a slew of other horrific games) and was turning what was largely a series of single player story driven games in to a multiplayer only competitive arena? Naturally my reaction to it was less than favorable, I was convinced Square Enix would screw it up. I browsed the forums for a bit and saw a Dev Q&A and it showed me personally that the devs actually did want to respect the franchise, after that and seeing a leaked video that broke the NDA from the Alpha showing some vampire gameplay (which is my favorite part of the game) I got curious enough to sign up for the Alpha.

When I actually played the Alpha I took to the vampires really quickly, their playstyle and controls felt really nice to me and as someone that plays a lot of those third person action games it didn't take long for me to be climbing walls and executing humans. What I disliked however, was the Human gameplay. This is going to mark me as weird but shooters as a genre is just something I never got in to, the only games I ever played with any kind of shooting were games that forced them (think Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time) which while in the first person view had a lock-on feature that aimed for you. That wasn't available for every boss and the parts where I didn't have the lock-on that aimed for me were (I considered) the absolute worst parts of the game, so after learning of a genre devoted to it I was immediately repulsed by the idea.

So naturally when I started playing the Humans I sucked at it, again, I'd never played a shooter before then, I couldn't aim for the life of me and I was constantly forced to backfill losing Human rounds when the Vampire round (again, the only part of the game I did enjoy) already done making me not want to play. But I didn't ragequit, I actually stuck with it and over time my aim gradually improved, though there were still something things that confused me, for example, the whole thing with Scouts where their charged shot would wobble back and forth, I couldn't for the life of me understand the reason why until someone explained that's a thing in shooters to simulate what sniping is like. Why anyone wants more realism as opposed to less in video games (something I use to escape reality) is a concept that is still completely alien to me, but I digress.

But after playing Nosgoth's Humans more I actually really started to enjoy playing third person shooters as a genre, I still don't like FPS games, the inability to look around corners, the lack of a wider FOV, and the inability to see what's happening around me at a glance without having to swivel around while enduring motion blur (in games where you can't always turn it off) makes me dislike them still. But I really love third person shooter games now, Firefall and The Division are the main ones and while those games have their issues, the third person gunplay in both is pretty solid. Had I not played Nosgoth I would honestly have never given those games a second glance.

Now after enjoying Nosgoth on and off for years I'm sad to see it go. I'm not exactly a huge PVP sort of person, it's definitely something that I have to be in the mood for, especially in a team based game where bad players or me having an off day could completely ruin the experience, but Nosgoth was my go to PVP game because of it's asymmetrical nature, everyone is given the same weapons and abilities. There's no imbalance like in MMO PVP created by gear or in certain games with leveling systems that give older players too much of an advantage, Nosgoth had a decent balance to it. Now granted, the Humans are still stronger than the Vampires at higher levels of play but that imbalance is nowhere near as bad as it was back in the day (400+ damage aoe storm bow explosions anyone?)

It was by far the most fun I had PVPing compared to any other MMO I've played which is where most of my PVP experience comes from. While I don't claim to be the best player Nosgoth ever had, I believe my skills were at least respectable once I warmed up and learned to "git gud" at third person shooter games. Nosgoth managed to prove me wrong about the game being awful and instead I found a fun and unique PVP experience unlike any other that managed to be diverse while still balanced and kept things interesting for me to support the game with quite a few runestone purchases over time because I wanted to support the game and see where it would go.

But now? We will never get the Rahabim, we will never see new maps exploring more of the world, we will never see gender variants of the classes, and we may never even see another game in this franchise again. I thought for a very long time on logging in one last time and playing some matches but the more I thought about it, the less I want to. In a way I don't want the good memories I have of the game to be tainted by any last really bad matches or bad players, I remember my good moments and my bad and I'd rather leave them as is, I'll probably go watch the old videos on my youtube channel to remember the good times as well.

I'm grateful to Psyonix for giving us the best game they could, the community that really kept this game alive for some time, the really good players that destroyed me with incredible human play and gave me the drive to want to get better at Humans when I saw how amazing they were, and even the players that ragequit or raged at me because it made me happy for the good players that I gamed with to. I'm not sure what could have been done to avoid this all happening, maybe more advertising? Maybe cheaper prices in the cash shop? Maybe better matchmaking? I'm sure it wasn't just one thing but rather issues that cascaded over time and lead to the game not being profitable.

I understand that at the end of the day the companies are just trying to make money, not that "just trying to make money" is necessarily a valid excuse. The pursuit of profit alone is not so noble an endeavor that it is above all criticism, but Square Enix can do what they want regardless of how we feel about it. So I will say "goodbye Nosgoth," you were incredibly fun while you lasted. In the future though, I hope there will be another proper Legacy of Kain game a story driven one without tacked on multiplayer or a multiplayer focus. I believe that a game returning to the roots of the franchise is the best bet for Square Enix to make money, I really hope the IP doesn't languish in a bin like so many others (Megaman, Castlevania, Jak and Daxter, etc.) and we get to visit the world of Nosgoth again.