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Mouse moves by itself

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    Mouse moves by itself

    Hey guys,

    I thought maybeee I can get help here.
    I just wanted to warm up for the last time playing ESL. Played vamp side, everything was fine. Then on human side, my mouse moves itself up/left, which makes it unplayable.
    I tried a private game, same bug. I tried all teh different classes, same bug. I tried defualt settings, unplugging my mouse, same bug. So extremely dumb, I unplug my mouse and ingame it keeps moving up...

    It's definitely not my mouse, it only happens in Nosgoth on HUMAN side.

    Never had this bug or heard of it before, but maybe anyone has idears I can try out.

    I tried unplugging mouse, default settings, repairing Nosgoth files in Steam and restarting Nosgoth and my PC.

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    It's a tad late for ESL, but 9 times out of 10 when someone has weird camera movement in any game, it's down to a controller or joystick being plugged in. It's all to easy to accidentally nudge those into a position that keeps moving the camera.
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