Hey guys,

I am a master student of Applied Musicology. My master thesis is based on an empirical study related to Final Fantasy Games and its music. I am a huge fan of the games and I have vested interest in the results. A questionnaire is used to gain insight of Final Fantasy enthusiasts purchasing intention related to the game and its music. I, therefore, ask players and non-player interested in the music to participate. Filling out the questionnaire will only take 10-15 minutes. As a thank-you for joining you can win one of these:

- Distant Worlds music from Final Fantasy: The Celebration (CD)
- Final Fantasy Heroes (CD)
- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST (CD)
- Final Fantasy Plush Cactuar
- Final Fantasy Series Mascot Handtowel Chocobo or Moogle
- Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai (Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, Lightning, Ace)
- Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Postcard Set
- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Earphone Jack Accessory Sephiroth
- Final Fantasy XIII Original Strap
- Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Key Ring Lightning
- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Wall Scroll – Cloud Strife
- Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wall Scroll Poster – Lightning

Just leave me your email address at the end of the survey and write down what kind of price you prefer to win.

Please support me and fill out the questionnaire which can be entered by following the link below:


Thank you