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Nosgoth refund

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    Nosgoth refund

    EDIT: the refund are just for the purchase made SINCE the 1st of march. I misread unfortunately
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    Yhea, I noted this too... btw if they will cancell the game I want a TOTAL refund since ALL what I spend until now will be cancelled.

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    Nosgoth refund

    Hello i've bought the immortal pack and i will not get a refund ?

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    As taken from the FAQ on the A Farewell To Arms thread:

    Am I entitled to a refund?
    All purchases made since 1st March 2016 will be automatically refunded.
    So sadly if your purchases were made before that date then you will not be entitled to a refund.

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    total refund... lol won't happen. They'll say you got to enjoy what you paid for and that's itself what you bought

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    But is a shame they don't totally refund us, if I know the game will be closed I will not buy so much things. Pratically after this month is like they take back all what I bought -.-

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    well that sucks.... I supported the game by buying the Founders edition which was $89 back then if i remember and I can't get a refund?! what kind of crap is that?

    AT THE VERY LEAST subtract the extra amount from the game itself and pay us(who bought extra versions or skins etc) the rest.

    such a shame..take our money and leave..