Thread: Why level 50?

Why level 50?

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    Why level 50?

    Since Nosgoth will be shut down, I want to know. Considering all 5 levels you can unluck a class, considering the Rahabim the levels must finish with 40, so why 50? What do you thinked to add? I want to know this.
    You thinked to put 2 new classes? If this was the idea, what they will be? For vampire I suppose the Worshippers (the only one make sense for me), but for humans?
    Please answer this question that I have since you added 50 to be the max lv.

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    50 sound like a more rounded number than 40

    you could say it would help on the future of match making.
    you use the lvl to tell which league the player is likely to go, or something.

    Is like i say "if you get the Founders pack, why even level up, if you already have all the classes, you dont need anything else"