Hello guys
Just to let you know since I am playing for a while on my phone and tablets (Note4 and Tab s) the game performance is somehow fluctuating, I have days with high quality and really fast shooting and days that I cannot do not even 18000000.
The other strange thing is that I've played the game on a friend phone (iPhone 6) and to my surprise the game details and performances was way higher than on Android.....and my note4 is rooted and oc for gaming as well as the Tab S....
Now my question is :
Is the game optimized for the Ios? Because from my gaming on that IPhone I almost beat my score easily and from the first try.
Is there any settings to be made on android that could affect the performance? I have also Samsung game performance Booster installed on my devices....
Overall the level of detail on high quality on IOS was better with more objects in the game (a big tree on the right building and the shades or whatever the name in the mai building).
Now should I consider switching to IOS because I love the game but Hate Apple. Thanks