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Xbox One Controller Bug - Steam version

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    Exclamation Xbox One Controller Bug - Steam version

    First, to get it out of the way, my Xbox 360 controllers work fine with the steam version.

    However, Xbox One controllers don't seem to work right. I have tried two of them with the same results (one is an original day 1 controller, the other is the newer revision that I just got yesterday). The game confuses the right trigger with Left and Right movement. If you are not holding the trigger exactly half way down it things you are moving either left or right, depending on if you don't have it pressed, or have it fully pressed.

    This causes menus to automatically be navigated to the left, and if you do manage to get past the main menu into the game, your player character is always automatically moving to the left.

    This makes the game unplayable with the Xbox One controller. Please, fix this SE!

    In the mean time, does anyone know of a fix?

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    It's kinda weird but, unplug the controller (or wireless dongle) from the computer, then start the game. Once you're in the game, re-plug in the controller. Not entirely sure why this works, but it did for me.

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    Pookie1986 that does not work for me. The game doesn't like a gamepad to be unplugged, it won't respond to the gamepad after you do that. have to completely restart the game... and then of course, the "always moving to the left" issue is present once again.

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    you don't must replug the controller! start the without to activate the xbox one controller. start a new game or load a save file (with the keyboard). after that when you are in the game and it's time to activate the xbox one controller. the game will recognise him and he will work.

    I have the same issue and this works fine with me.
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    Bummer, let me try to be a bit clearer. Have the controller unplugged before you launch the game from Steam. Now that you're on the desktop with the controller unplugged, launch the game with Steam (or your desktop shortcut, however you start your Steam games). Once the game is running you should be able to plug the controller in and use it normally.

    If that doesn't work, sorry for giving you the run-around. It's just what worked for me and I've seen it mentioned in a few other places. Hopefully this gets patched quickly, it's such a weird bug. And if all else fails you could just use the keyboard, but I understand wanting to use a controller.

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    I've got a very similar problem, but with different hardware. I'm not certain whether my complaint warrants a new thread, so I'll err on the side of caution and append it to an existing thread in the same vein. :P

    So yes, constant left-moving. I can't even get into the game properly, the constant left just sticks the cursor onto the LANGUAGES option on the title screen.

    I'm using a PS2-to-USB adapter (Super Joy Box 5 Pro) to use my old DualShock 2 to play this game -- it's what I use to play almost all of my games, and while it does sometimes require a little tinkering, I can almost always get it working with other games. But not here.

    * It uses DirectInput, which I've gathered is what the game software is built for, anyway, so a difference there shouldn't be the issue.
    * If it's unplugged when the game starts, the game software will not recognize it when I plug it in.
    * I've isolated the LEFT to the controller/adapter device -- when it's unplugged, the issue stops, and no other devices appear to impact it.
    * I've tried to use x360ce controller hooks to get it to use that instead of the actual device, but it ignores it and continues to LEFT anyway.
    * InputMapper only works for DS4 controllers, and doesn't even recognize my DS2.

    I'm nearly to the point of trying to learn how to write my own drivers so I can make a better one that won't have this problem, but this really isn't an issue a consumer should have to deal with. With so many people having controller issues, SE should make an external configuration tool, or at least a plaintext config file, so the game software doesn't have to guess what inputs it's supposed to be listening to, and leave us stuck when it guesses wrong. I mean, seriously, even though having to edit a few lines using Notepad looks a little unpolished, it's leagues better than being unable to do anything at all.