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Clementine: Doesn't seem like another other place I could ask for help from, so I'll try my luck here.
I bought a copy of Hitman 2016 today. Still have enough time to refund but I was hoping I could fix it somehow. I have an r9 380 with an i5-4460 and 8GB of ram. That should be able to handle Hitman at low or medium settings. The game seems to 'run fine', I could get 120 fps in the mountains.
The game, however, crashes in Paris or the tutorial regardless of what settings or resolution I attempt to run it in. It even crashes when attempting to benchmark it. Sometimes I could run the benchmark for longer than previous sessions but it will always crash to desktop with this 'useful' error message http://puu.sh/ohLz9/82852a64ce.jpg).
There doesn't seem to be any trigger for crashes. Sometimes I could play the Paris level and enter the building... where it would immediately crash inside. The crashes seems to be random. However, now if I attempt to run the benchmark, it'll always crash at that exact moment in the screenshot.
I have reinstalled the game from a HDD to an SSD and the results do not seem to have improved.
I will refund the game if there is no solution after 4 days from posting this.
I do not seem to have Directx 12 installed. I would like to try that as a solution, if possible, but it seems impossible to download it from anywhere. I am running Windows 8.1.