Thread: One of the things Psyonix should have kept up for this game.

One of the things Psyonix should have kept up for this game.

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    One of the things Psyonix should have kept up for this game.

    I bet that a lot of Nosgoth players do not even know these events used to happen. They're not to be blamed. One month, Psyonix just stopped doing it all together and we got the leagues with all that money rewards.

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    Sadly i believe the chase for ESL is WHAT caused some of the demise to this game. The game was in its infancy and instead of catering to the casual crowd to help grow the game, it went head on into UBER competitiveness. I've believe that since ESL was introduced and its sudden focus was and is always a bad idea. You can't take a buggy riddled mess to ESL. Always remember that their are more casual gamers than competitive professional ones. This is something that everyone has seemed to forgotten this fact. The reason why uber competitive route was a bad idea so soon: nosgoth is a very niche game. It is essentially 2 games wrapped into one. Therefor it is very hard to master in comparison to the average PVP based games. The game never catered to the causal player and instead catered to the Uber Competitiveness and remember, before you become a pro you must first be a noob. And new players aren't gonna stick around to get constantly raped by tryhards all day. I've been in countelsss games with and against you and watch your team annihilate new players instead of taking it easy and just chill. Those are the things that resulted in nosgoth being where it is. SO basically its everyone to be blamed. The PUBLISHER, Devs, Me and You all shares the blame here. But these are the things no one is talking about. All i hear about it launcher this and that. Nosgoth suffered from a poor foundation to begin with. After Closed alpha/Early beta the game went in a dying direction.

    Bottom line is the game was never kind to the casuals and that's where the problem started. Nosgoth player space is basically like a the modern day Penal Colony, filled with TryHard Criminals and no system in place to show the new inmates the ropes. A game that had no proper tutorial or PvE arena/Horde mode where new players could practice was a stubborn decision from the start. The game has been playable to the public for the last 2-3 year almost and in development for almost 4 years and still no proper system in place teach people the ropes. They were too busy making chest and boast. And don't even get me started on the exploits and the cheating (UPK File tweaks/ 200fps Glitches / Potato graphics Settings which everyone in ESL were using) But nothing was done to stop any of these behaviors and those things led us to where we are. ESL came + TryHards Tweaks + Publisher/Developer says, "Just make it look good for the Camera" New player watches and says, " oh man i wanna do that, DOWNLOAD NOW". Then gets Raped over and over again because he or she doesn't even know ha;f the story and wonders why they aren't able to RAPE as well. Then they quit and bad mouths the game, cycle goes over and over again. Nosgoth was a great game that was toxic in every way and it was truly hurtful to see because I believed the ART TEAM did a brilliant Job and now its all wasted. All that assets goes to waste. R.I.P a beautiful concept that was certainly ruined by stubborn and lackadaisical behavior. But of course no one is talking about the real issues here because people love living in denial. And the BUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....

    In Conclusion, i will leave you with something I've suspected for quite some time. Hopefully you are still reading. Psyonix is a developer that has worked on about 11 games since the history of the Dev Team. And every single one of those games are made in the same ENGINE, Unreal 3. Now you gotta ask yourselves this, how is it that a company that specializes in Unreal 3 Engine. made such a Bug riddle unstable mess. I'll tell you why, i think Square were probably cheap as hell and wanted to use minimal resources to get maximum profit. And Psyonix probably realized this and decided to just stick it out, in order to make enough money to self publish ROCKET LEAGUE. Because that game is running on the same Tech and doesn't have any of the same problems. And yes i know they are different games on a technical level. But i think Psyonix gave their bosses (Square Enix) what they paid for. Just look at Nosgoth and whats under the hood Unreal 3, Direct X 9, 32 BIT.... IN 2016. If that doesn't scream cheap i don't know what else does. Rocket league (Self Published/ Their Own Bosses) and no severe problems. Nosgoth (Square Enix IS THE BOSSES) and 2 thousand problems. I hope someone see's the pattern here. Didn't mean to ambush your post but I hope this gets through to someone.
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    ESL destroyed the game. Waste of time, money and focus.
    And Rocket League stole whatever focus was left after.
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