I have located the second Mayan calendar gears/rotation puzzle, but I do not seem to have the panther skull that is needed.

I have retrieved the panther skull from the altar that is located in the hole which was made by using the grapple line to move the large stone block off the pillar it is sitting on. Ok, but I used that on the other gears/rotation puzzle.

Right now, I am at a Mayan calendar gears/rotation puzzle that is accessed by going under a door that is about 2 or 3 feet off the floor, and you have to use the "F"/"B" key/button to roll under. Is this the second Mayan calendar? I have already done the other one.

When I get to the 'headless' panther statue, I do not get any command prompts, except the "E"/"Y" command, which just grabs onto the handle to turn the gears. There is the human-like skull on the outer gear that is in place, but I cannot move it; maybe because the panther skull is missing?

I do not seem to have a panther skull in my backpack or on my inventory list.