Thread: Private matches send off/flashpoint.

Private matches send off/flashpoint.

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    Private matches send off/flashpoint.

    Hey everyone. As the title suggests this is a send off for nosgoth fun time.

    I will be hosting private matches and playing flashpoint/regular TDM until we go offline :/

    I am a human that works so I'll be posting the codes for the room around 10pm eastern time. 7pm for the LA people

    As for people wanting to play flashpoint, click the ANY tab in the selection of servers to get a game quickly. If people are online you'll get a good game. If we are playing probated and want to flash even better.

    If anyone else wishes to host private matches feel free to post what time and the code to the room on this thread.

    Let these final games be as fun as can be happy gaming.
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    Code for tonight's match.


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    Too bad it's on US servers and US time. It would have been fun to gather with you guys