Thread: Play as Erin mod or DLC?

Play as Erin mod or DLC?

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    Play as Erin mod or DLC?

    Hello everyone! I'm usually a member of the Nexus or Flickr, but I registered here after I started a conversation about Thief: Deadly Shadows. I played that some years ago on PC. I never tried the newer Thief, or Thief 4 simply because I was tired of playing as Garret even back then. It has the Erin character, but unfortunately I'm not finding a Nexus mod site for Thief. Has anyone ever created a mod that allows you to play the game as the Erin model? I don't even care if the voice of Garret is still there. I play everything soundless with subtitles ^_^

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    Not sure if you're aware, but about 98% of Thief 4 is played in first person. So without sound, playing as Erin wouldn't do you much good. If you're talking about a mod that allows you to play in 3rd person, I seriously doubt that exists. I've never heard of one, and EM didn't exactly make this game mod friendly.

    There's a mod for Thief 2 called T2X that allows you to play a female character named Zaya. 13 missions. Maybe that's worth checking out.

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