Hello there. I'm here to see if anyone might be able to help me with a problem I'm currently having.

So I'm working on a YouTube video for the intro of Soul Reaver 2 (Fandub, basically) which covers both the pre-rendered re-enactment of the first game's ending & the first in-game scene for SR2 itself. I've found that the in-game scene is not a problem, as I've managed to procure the audio for those parts. The problem here is the pre-rendered bit.

What I need is to somehow get:
- That instrumental version of Ariel's Lament (Menu theme), all without a single quote & whatnot.
- The sound effects & ambience.
- The voice files would be nice too, but they're not absolutely needed.

Now, I just want to mention right now; I'm not holding my breath here for any success. I'm asking this after trying multiple methods to remove those quotes from the song (Even to the extent of trying to ask Information Society themselves about any other version that might be available). All attempts so far have been completely unsuccessful. In the end, I may just have to go with what I've got, but it couldn't hurt to see if there's a way to extract some audio from this scene. Although I'm pretty confident the answer's going to be that it's pre-rendered for a reason.

So is there anything I can do? Maybe some kind of software that hopefully isn't going to attempt cramming my system full of malware?
... Thought I'd be specific about that. It helps to be detailed