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Thread: Endurance expedition changes - empty crypts?

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    Endurance expedition changes - empty crypts?

    Noticed some positive changes in Endurance expeditions since the update for my XBox 360 yesterday - the game no longer freezes 9 times out of 10 and challenges are being awarded properly, but I have also noticed that there are a lot more natural resources around and they aren't just concentrated near the snow cat, which makes gameplay easier.

    However, I've played Endurance twice since the update and I've noticed relics are much harder to find, mostly because half the crypts I've discovered have been completely empty. Out of 10 crypts discovered over 2 games, only 5 have relics at all and one of those only had boxes and no large relic in the main chamber.

    I'm not sure if this is a glitch or just a change in game play to make things more challenging. Anyone else encountered the same?

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    It happens to me the same...

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    I'm glad I can actually play Endurance mode without it freezing, but I don't have time to spend hours and hours playing - so if you can't make progress by finding relics, I'm likely to stop playing this mode. It's just frustrating!

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    I have just gone for the previously glitched achievements and yes -- out of the 5 tombs, 3 were empty. Plenty of traps throughout, but not a single artifact box or codex in sight.

    As far as resources go, I think now is the way it was supposed to be though. Seems on par with the PC version anyway -- though I haven't checked if the newest patch broke the mode on PC too.

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    Interesting... So resources were supposed to be littered throughout the world all along, then, not just in the area around the snow cat? That makes me feel rather proud of myself for managing 13 days while it was like that!

    The way it is at the moment I'll never find all four parts to that flipping bow! And now I find that when I get to day 9 suddenly all the animals disappear. No food. Both times I've made it to day 10 after playing the update Lara has been starving when the helicopter picked her up. I even tried exploring new areas in while she was hungry to make sure it wasn't because I was in a previously hunted out area, but still no wildlife.

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