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Thread: Expedition Cards problem

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    Expedition Cards problem

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with Expedition cards. For the last few weeks, if I've tried to buy new cards with credits instead of getting a mix of cards I seem to get the same ones again and again. Every time I buy a pack - and it's happened with Bronze, Silver and Wild pack purchases - I get THREE of One Life To Live, and often the other two are the same as well.

    I'm not sure how the selecting of cards for packs works, but it totally doesn't seem to be random!

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    Yeah I noticed this too. It gives you the same cards you just sold or used.
    When my inventory got full I sold almost all of the sellable cards. I had about 200000+ credits at the time and I started to spend them only on Bronze Pack. At first the game was just giving me back the last cards I sold. But after that I started to get some Very Rare Foil cards. Maybe you should try the same?
    I just doubt they fix this any time soon (or ever).

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    Worth a go, I suppose! Thanks!

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    I tried it with success! I had about 80000 credits and just started buying cards. Initially, I got the same cards but then I started getting different ones and then a few foils. Thanks so much for the tip.

    Then I tried an experiment: I got a Big Head Lara foil, so I sold the 5 non foil cards I had and some of the other cards I had duplicates of and then I started buying again. Sure enough, the ones I had just got rid of were the ones that popped up. I got a much better choice when I didn't immediately sell cards I didn't want.

    However, now my inventory is maxed out so I need to go and weed through and see what I can live without!

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    It's the way the marketplace works.
    Every card can only be in your inv a max number of times, usually 3/4 for commons and 1/2 for rares.
    Once you're maxed out on commons, you'll get rares and foils every time.
    Easy way to make quick credits too.
    Just keep buying bronze packs and only sell the cards worth 1600 credits or more, as you max out your bronzes and silvers a bronze pack of 5000 credits will yield you cards worth 8 - 11K in credits when you sell them all,

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    Thanks for the info! I'll make sure I only sell duplicates of commons and rares I don't want then, and keep the commons when I next go on a buying spree. I just like getting the rarer cards - hoping for foils of some I haven't seen yet.

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    The above is roughly what I learned, too -

    In relation to this, the programming code is based on inflexible, granite pure numeracy alone and monetarily received, licitly obtained "packs" shall be disabled to legitimate buyers and players if their "inventory" happens to be "full" - so sifting through your cards and selectively re-selling, deleting one's most unenviable cards or card sets, might be mandatory for some here...

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