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Thread: Sequel Shoulld Include Original Cast

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    Sequel Shoulld Include Original Cast

    *Spoilers Ahead*

    Just finished the game and going through the post game depression and withdrawals. Lets be honest. People who loved this game absolutely loved the characters in it. It is what made the story so great. Many people, including myself, wouldn't jump at the opportunity to play the sequel without the original characters. Chloe and Max are what make it so great (of course the other characters too) Without them it would hard to be as interested and call it a sequel.

    I know people are saying that you can't or it's hard since there are multiple endings with major repercussions. It can be done. But the differences in the ending would have to be less impactful. It would be difficult to make a sequel with a story with chloe dead and the other story with her alive and the town gone. In order to remedy this one of the endings would have to be chosen to go with to continue the story of the second game.

    It could seem more seamless if maybe by letting chloe die doesn't save the town and a different action to be taken once going back. Once realizing sacrificing her was a waste you try and go back by some other means to stop her from dying. And once you save her you both escape the town when you realize you can't save it or convince its population to evacuate. Because lets be honest again... saving chloe was probably the more popular option so we'd just run with that one. I know people will be upset and say "your choices don't really matter" which is true in the end but the matter in the present time that they're happening and develop your characters and how you feel about them, so they still do matter regardless.

    This would allow the story to continue by having Max's powers continue to plague and follow them as they're on the move and open a whole new window for different story lines.

    Anyways... I could sit here and type all day about possibilities. But this game was amazing and I loved Chloe and Max. It breaks my heart that such an amazing story is over. I hope that the developers can come up with a to keep them for the main characters because it definitely will not be the same without them nor drive many people back for the second game without them. I hope they listen to their fans ideas.
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    Totaly agree, They should do a poll on the steam forums (Most of the owners are there) I bet it would be something like a 15-1 landslide in favor of keeping our two girls in play

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