Thread: New achievments bugged

New achievments bugged

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    New achievments bugged

    I noted some days ago the Centurial Beastmaster is bugged, because sometimes don't count kills, became I done 125 kills more or less, but for achiev counter I done only 74, but ok, this is not a big problem. The REALLY problem is the Mother Nature is Pissed.
    I make a double kill with Nature's Fury and NOTHING, do you know HOW is hard make this? The double kills achiev are the most difficult and this is bugged? NO DAMN, I cannot accept this. I'm forced to ask help to my friends to take this achiev, because I already done what was requested.

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    Curious to know if anyone else is having this issue. We'll investigate it in the meantime.
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    Originally Posted by Psyonix_Ryan
    Curious to know if anyone else is having this issue. We'll investigate it in the meantime.
    Perfect, I gain finally all achievment, the Mother Nature is Pissed for a BIG lucky XD I gained too Centurial Beastmaster, but the bug is still present.
    This morning I was 91, then I make a game where I make 5 kills, but the counter said me "93", only counted 2 of the 5 kills, the 2nd game look like counted all my kills, 5, because then became 98, and in the last, I made this.

    So I'm sure Centurial Beastmaster and Mother Nature is Pissed are bugged, for the others, I don't sure, the Targeted Bombardment I take immediatly after I do the request for take it, but I don't know if was for lucky or because the achiev is not bugged.

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    Can confirm that Centurial Beastmaster is bugged. It's only counting like...1 kill out of every match.
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    I actually got the Mother Nature is Pissed achievement. Funny thing is I got it after a TRIPLE kill. I've gotten double kills with Nature's Fury before but they never registered.

    I got lucky once and got a triple kill and then the achievement popped up.

  6. Ok I did some try and error: Restarting the game and launcher after every single match resolves the issue for me. Annoying, but works.
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    I have same problem...the achievements seem to stop counting after first match.

    This really sucks...especially since it takes a while now to find matches, and we have little time to get the last of them.

    I've been trying to get the PEW PEW (aka Leyline) one, and i can confirm it stops counting after first match.