Thread: Kimahri is possibly the best character.

Kimahri is possibly the best character.

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    Kimahri is possibly the best character.

    Ill explain why before any 'tier list enthousiasts' run into this thread with yoyimbo dolls in their hands.

    Kimahri has a few things for him on the rock paper scissors field: Hes in the middle of everyone, hes a warrior, a mage(blue), and has speed. (not the drug, or actually he might have that too since his nose looks weird)
    He has the best chances to hit every type of enemy compared to everyone else because of it.
    Tidus is good against ground types, auron against armored, wakka against flying, lulu against elemental, rikku against machina and yuna against bosses, kimahri is decent against all. He can hit flying more often than others, he can hit armored harder than others, he can instagib ground types like tidus, he can use magic against elemental's almost equally as lulu and tank against bosses.

    So thats one thing,. being a 'can do everything decently' character makes him pretty good already but it doesnt stop there!

    Kimahri is a must have in every team for one specific reason: Mighty guard.

    Kimahri is the only character that can cast this spell and with it save you both two turns to cast shell and protect but also makes all allies hit immune to all elements. How badass is that?

    I rest my case.
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