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Thread: Cheating Concern

Cheating Concern

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    There needs to be more of a way to tell what cards and stones are duped because too many innocent players are banned. If it is impossible to differentiate, then innocent players should be given more of a chance to return.

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    My account is in the same boat, I got banned for a unknown reason stating i violated TOA but all i ever did on my phone was trade 4* for slimes and i owned like 2 five stars that i have paid tons of money in coins for, then i traded them and bam! my account got banned. I dont understand


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    Got banned too with this reason:

    Regarding the matter of your GUARDIAN CROSS user ID ban, we have determined that the Terms and Conditions, which all players must adhere to when playing this title, were breached.

    Specifically, we refer you to
    - Section 2.1, Cheating and Botting:
    ?You may not create or use any cheats, bots, automation software, hacks, mods or any other unauthorized software designed to modify the Service. In addition, you may not take advantage of Service system bugs or exploits?

    As a result we must unfortunately inform you that your account has been permanently closed in accordance with section 2., LICENSE LIMITATIONS.

    I was quite surprised about the reason, as i was just playing for funny, no 5* cards, and best performance a 13689 place on the coliseum...

    I asked to be more precise about the ban but still waiting for an answer...

    What i found funny is that you pay them (not in my case but many do...) and they ban you without any clear reason... using the agreement that states that they can ban you for no reason, without any explaination...

    Luckly when, after reading the agreement my last idea is to spend money without any guarantee ...

    Another fail game... That's bad because I found his mechanics quite interesting and funny to play.

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    that means a lot about how serious is the Support center of an enterprise that is supposed to be a leader in these games...

    We are sorry that your account was banned.
    Unfortunately, we have not been given any more information regarding the nature of the violation due to which the restriction was issued.
    We apologise for the inconvenience.

    If I translate:

    We are sorry that your account was banned,

    we don't know why but we are sorry for you

    PS: youy can go to FU. (This is not written, but it is what i understand from the answer...)

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    I got the same boat with all of u.. I play for more than 2 month.. and just got 2 *5 card with 1 lvl 60.. and now
    I cannot play it again.. and all I do was for nothing this whole time.. I'm just dissapointed with SE..

    If do gift card to other is an violation.. just close the gift card menu.. really dissapointed.. =(

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    Hello, it was recently brought to my attention that my actions in the game, though they did not at all violate the terms of use, could be incorrectly interpreted as cheating even though I never did anything of the sort. Before this week, I was an ok player, and recently I had a full team of 5* cards. However, fate changed my status entirely, and one of my old real life friends, who I didn't know played this game, decided to give me his old deck as he quit. I am sure he, an ex ranked in Elite coli player, spent a lot of coins for special tickets on this deck but he traded and gifted me an entire ace deck. I actually responded to his gift with thanks and he told me he was thankful for how I had helped him out(in real life). I am hopeful that you have such messages logged to prove my innocence if it comes to pass if I am ever held in concern. This event boosted me highly(S/S+) in the ranking system though I am only in the master's coli. I can tell you honestly right now from what I have read from forumns that what happened here can apparently get me banned even though I did nothing wrong. Some of the risk factors were that my deck changed greatly, I did not spend coins before(I plan on doing that now since I am much more into the game), and I went high into the ranking system. Though I am proud to say that there were no illicit card messages, I am still fearful of getting banned. Also, I have a couple comments on things I find possibly unfair.

    1. Apparently, people that spend more coins are less supsceptible to ban.

    I see how this is logical in the sense that hackers are more likely to hack then buy coins, but there are a lot of other better criteria to go buy to find hackers. Not that I won't spend, now that the game got a lot more worth spending for.

    2. Apparently, if you get an illicit card, you get banned

    I frequent the forums, and recently someone offered to make a gift trade. I was highly suspicious and declined, and it turns out that that person has a bad reputation a duper. Thinking about this, I also heard that if I recieved such cards I would get banned too. I don't think that is fair at all since I had no idea they were illegitimate, and certainly wouldn't have traded for them(Thank God I didn't). But I could see how the recipient could be a victim. I can see that people may use extra accounts to duplicate cards then shuttle them over to other accounts, but usually those would be extremely unfair trades, and even if they are, I tend to believe that “innocent until proven guilty” is a much better policy than visa versa. If I were to get a trade with illegitimate cards and it was a good trade and I accepted, I find it ridiculous that that would get me banned from the game forever.
    That being said, I am HIGHLY RELIEVED that we do get a notification that we have just recieved an illicit card, though I heard that we get banned after that no matter what we do.

    3. You can't trade too much with random people.

    Yes. Real life cash card buyers and swindlers will probably find deals online. But what about the forums? And the inability to talk to each other if you are not friends as well as the 30 message limit is really harmful to trading, and in a tcg game, communication is necessary. Therefore a lot of the trading goes on in Guardian Cross Forums, which encourages players to abide by the rules and bans cash trading. I find it strange that trading with random players is suspicious activity because most trades happen in the forums....

    I understand that Square Enix needs to combat hacking and all the stuff that is detrimental to the company, but there are a small minority that may be commiting acts that make us suspicious but we are honest players. To be safe, I also would like a check on my cards to see if they are legitimate. Some of the cards my friend gave to me via trade, some gift, and no messages popped up for me.

    I also suggest Square Enix to get better ban response to ban appeals since this is angering a lot of players from what I see on the other bosts

    Also, I think the way to combat illegitimate cards is to patch so dupes cannot be made or have some way of documenting when each card is caught so that whenever a new card randomly appears it notifies SE and helps delete the said card. Banning honest players will lose possible customers, and honest players like me are probably the ones that are unable to make more accounts on the same device to restart and rebuild than the hackers who apparently know how.

    Sorry about the long message but I really hope things come to light, I am not banned, and the cheating problem is solved so that I can play in peace and not in fear of being mistakenly executed. Being afraid of being banned even while innocent does take a LOT of fun out of this game.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Ign Deathrax

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    Dear SE,

    My account, KIMMY88 (English GC) has been banned on 14th Feb (17:00, GMT +8, Singapore Time) for the reason of Section 2.1, Cheating and Botting for which I have never committed. I have request for a detail investigation and review my play history, but was later responded with "If you are receiving a message that states your account is restricted, this means your account has been flagged for irregular game activity as a result of Terms of use violation. Due to this, the account has been permanently closed and we have no further information to provide as to the reason for this restriction." This is a generic ban statement indicating that I have break every single rule and conditions that GC have put up. Without a clear explanation to the player, GC is holding a iron fist, having the right to ban anyone without an good cause and explanation. My husband is fearing that his account will also be ban. Having the dilemma to continue to play.

    I'm just a normal (Passive) person that restricts myself to play before 9am and after 7pm, try to play during weekend. Its only during Chinese New Year, then, my husband and I get together to play more on this game. Is this the irregular game activity that puts me in the ban list? Also, I did not cheat or bot. There must be a mistake with the GC ban system.

    A game should be fun and enjoyable, but in state GC is creating game-fear in people, unknowing that when the account will be ban. Having that must time invested, it turned to nothing just because GC said that your account has been flagged for irregular game activity.

    I'm looking forward for a enjoyable time with GC, but with account banned for a crime that I did not commit, I'm not going to give up and I want GC to clear me name, and un-ban my KIMMY88 account. I have exchange several email with GC support "t2064001:ac83", however, no progress that been made.

    Please help me and clear my name.

    Please un-ban my account.

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    I totally agree with the lack of good service for your game. I have also been banned for no reason and when I asked for further details and offered to prove my innocence, the reply merely stated that the investigation is ongoing and that I would have to wait. This is horrible service on their part and im all for banning dishonest players but this is plain wrong..

    ign Deathrax

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    Do they even give a I've sent in tickets and personally called square enix and not a dame things Ben fixed and they haven't responded as I was promised a month ago what the .

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    From what are you saying!?

    I´m interested!


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    I have brought a new iPhone 5 for a new account user name huhuhuhu, I wrongly copy the old data on iphone5 that turn my huhuhuhu account to old account hugo4505. I deleted and reinstall the game , than I changed back to huhuhuhu, but today my account was banned. I hope you can release my account again, because I copy the old data by mistake, and I buy a new iPhone is only for the game, pls kindly check it

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    [GUARDIAN CROSS Customer Service]

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    Halo Square Enix, today at 25 march 2013, my acc id nick Iming my invitation ID JH77042. Why my acc got restricted, please help me to unlock my id, i really love [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-kiss.gif[/img] this game very much, i'm addicted with this game, make me sad [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-frown.gif[/img] knew that my id been restricted, i didnt do any prohibited, plese help me ..

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    Submit a report of your issue to [GUARDIAN CROSS Customer Service]

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    i spend real money in playing tis game. still got banned and no reply from square enix. irritating

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    Hi Square Enix, I've noticed that around 80% of players I have added on my friends list are more likely cheaters, with level 19 and below they already have max level 5 star guardians/reborns one example is vault889 he didn't joined coliseum even once.

    Even in novice coliseum as long as I enter rank B more cheaters come in my way making my win/loss ratio uber ugly!

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    i think it non makesense win3407 lv145 winrate 0.89 and rank2 i think if he spent alot potion lv him Should be 150 not 145 i think he cheating many FB point Please check him and winrate i think him full deck when low lv but not sure for hack

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    Well people are getting banned but it is not the cheaters. I have been a Square Enix fan since long before the merger and have both the original Final Fantasy and the original Dragon Warrior for the NES. I also own almost every single Final Fantasy game ever made including some for systems that I do not even own. That being said I will NEVER buy Final Fantasy 14 or pay ANY money to Square Enix for an online game. I have been banned on Guardian Cross for no identifiable reason. I have reviewed the terms of use and can testify that I have NOT broken any rules. I had been actively recruiting people to play, most of which were not too interested but gave it a try, now after me being arbitrarily banned they have all quit. I invested to much time into that account and am extremly frusteradted to have it all randomly gone. IF I had broken any of the rules that would be different but I have not, I will not pay money for something knowing that at any moment I may find myself blocked for having done nothing other then play the game the way I am suppose to. All of you better beware.

    I have written three emails, I have received a response to only one and only after five days of waiting. I am still awaiting a response to at lest one more.

    This whole situation has been a very bad experience and Square Enix have done a lot to drive away a life long fan.

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    I was banned around the same time and did not break any rules. I have had no luck getting my account back, have you?

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    WTF I saw it and return it
    Dear Robert Peeler
    If u see it You have to do something. i am Trouble. and Tired of playing.

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    Submit a report of your issue to [GUARDIAN CROSS Customer Service]

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    Originally Posted by Gravity

    Submit a report of your issue to [GUARDIAN CROSS Customer Service]

    thx Gravity i wiil try it

    many hacker just playing now [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-frown.gif[/img]

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    i think they should jsut make all cards bound, problem solved

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    What is considered illegal?

    Hello All,

    There many rumor going on about having multi device and sharing across them is a bannable offense, which kinda question me in why should that be an issue?

    my family and i all use android both my parent and 6 sibling including me have android smartphone. So in my household there are a total of 8 android smartphone and 6 android tablet, 2 are my parent and 4 of them which are amongst the sibling. YEA we don't like to share our technology lol.

    Anyways so is this really considered illegal i mean 5 of my sibling including me play GC we all started about the sametime and we are all friends inside GC of course we gave our code to our youngest brother that plays since well he sucks LMAO. So currently the invite was used on his code which we didn't mind at all. Now as far that goes i read rumor about gifting to many items or trading to many items can get your account banned. We actively trade and gift to each other a lot not to mention we sometimes play on parent phone when ours is dead and we also play on all the tablet we own.

    Some device just seem luckier then others like my sister she got alot of extra 3* so she just gifted them away to us and pretty much that what we do. Until i read about being banned if we gift to many items. So tell me is this really illegal because if it is i can simply say that just stupid.

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