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Whether fighting frenzied monstrosities looking to sink their ever-thirsty fangs deep into a warm and welcoming jugular, or working to overthrow an oppressive regime; the humble grappling hook has become a tool of choice for many a freedom fighter.

It’s not difficult to see why the grappling hook has become symbolic of freedom. Empowering you to soar through the sky, grappling hooks free the wielder from the earthly bindings of gravity, if only for a few moments.

It is this rebellious nature and life affirming freedom that we look to celebrate the humble grappling hook with a union between Nosgoth & Just Cause 3. Anyone who owns both Nosgoth & Just Cause 3 on Steam will automatically receive the following items when they next log into Nosgoth.

  • 1 x JC3 Grapple
  • 1 x Medici Liberator Player Banner
  • 1 x Medici Rebel Player Banner
  • 1 x 2000 Gold

This offer extends to all new players who log into JC3 and Nosgoth, so if you don’t already own one, please feel free to pick it up! Don’t forget that Nosgoth doesn’t cost a cent to play. You can download it direct from the Steam store.

Good luck freedom fighters!