Hello Everyone!

Yesterday i bought tomb raider and rise of the tomb raider from steam(They where in discount ).
Just now i finished the tomb raider(And ofcourse im gonna play the next game too) and it was awesome!!!
I loved the story too much! I have to play a good game like that since elder scrolls skyrim.

So i'm wondering if there are books of tomb raider or the story has been made only for the game.
If there are i want to read them all and learn everything about Lara and her story, how her father died etc.

I googled it but what i found was messed up. There are a lot of books but i don't know whats the proper
order to read them and if they are real novels and not creations of game designers(But i will read them anyway).

So, can anyone tell me how many books are out there and whats the proper order to read them?

Thank you very much.