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    Exclamation Bug Reports

    This thread is self-explanatory, it will be used to report any bugs that have been encountered in the game that happen frequently and not one off rare instances. Some bugs have been apparent for months and have yet to be adressed, so this is the best way to reach out to the developers. Feel free to post any bugs you have encountered, I'll add them to the list below.

    • When using a head start in the beginning of a run, powerups do not spawn at any point in your endless run
    • The head start item is very buggy, issues occur with it such as Lara failing to avoid obstacles resulting in her colliding with them and spawning repeatedly, she falls through the terrain then resets and she runs directly toward obstacles instead of following a safe path route/coin trail route to name a few.
    • The standard dual pistols icon has a transparent background whereas any of the other weapon small icons do not.
    • If wearing the Santa or Hitman outfit, when Lara dies her model will despawn and her dual pistols will only be visible when the camera pans to her. If this is an issue with the new model (it's used for these two outfits as well as Area 51) then it may be happening when wearing the Area 51 outfit.
    • Lara will sometimes enter a run/display in the outfits and weapons store with her gun placed in her hand oddly when she wears the Biker outfit. It's very noticable with the dual weilding weapons as her left hand gun points away from her target, it's annoying in Desert Ruins combat because your view is blocked by that gun.
    • When you're in the outfit selection panel, if Lara performs her animations as usual with the selected outfit and you select the potrait icon of that outfit again, her dual pistols will dissapear and she'll continue the animation without pointing them.
    • The Stealth Suit outfit does not avoid any projectiles, it only affects your multiplier.
    • The 'Restore Purchases' feature either does not work or is very unclear as to how it works. You simply click the button and you receive a prompt that your purchases are restored, however they aren't. What does this mean? I'm pretty sure this has been like this ever since the game came out last May. Is it restoring your purchases if the game was deleted?, because it doesn't restore them at all. Or is it restoring the game to default factory settings? If this is the case then why would you implement such a feature in a game that is focused entirely on upgrades? It's very unclear and confusing so prompting the player with instructions as to what this does or even changing the name of the button would help, either way it's bugged out and should be removed, in my opinion.
    • There are still missing sound effects for the bridge collapsing in Jungle Temple, emphasis on still.
    • iOS users are experiencing issues with their scores registering on the Game Center. Personally my Mountain Pass scores don't register whereas the other two locations do, as do my achievements. It lists Desert Ruins Distance Per Run twice (the first one registers the dpr and the second one is empty and is supposed to be Mountain Pass but doesnt register the dpr nor display the ww leaderboards) and Mountain Pass High Score once, but doesn't display the worldwide leaderboards for this one too. Is this an issue with Game Center, or the game itself? I deleted the app from my phone before the Mountain Pass update was released and redownloaded and it saved my progress for the achievements on the GC as well as the dpr and score locations prior, like I said it just shows Desert Ruins' dpr twice and Mountain Pass High Score but both are empty completely.
    • Sometimes, when encountering the Oni boss the music will not change and Lara's weapon, ammo and health bar icons will not display until she has reached the section where she can shoot the boss. She has a delay when about to shoot with her secondary weapon once switched, so you can imagine this is very annoying.
    • If you die during the collapsing tomb/sand sliding part of Desert Ruins and return to the menu screen, the loud crumbling sound effects will continue playing until you enter the Map screen.
    • In Desert Ruins, after Lara is finished sliding down the sand slope and you jump when you hit the floor Lara will continue to perform the sliding animation for a while until she pops into normal running position. It doesn't occur after the cinematic sequence happens when she falls and traverses the collapsing pillars.
    • In Mountain Pass, the camera will act up by very quickly panning to the right and bouncing back to it's normal position like a spring. This happens if an obstacle is right in front of you after exiting a combat sequence or driving sequence and you manage to avoid it.
    • In Mountain Pass, sometimes if Lara immediately reloads when she enters the spiders cave and you attempt to shoot the spider, she will turn to you/the camera with her gun and then immediately flip back facing towards the spider so that she can aim and shoot properly. This bug can be encountered when switching weapons and then attempting to shoot when you leave the spider cave and enter a standard combat section immediately after.
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    New bug discovered:

    • When Lara revs up the Minigun in the weapons screen, if you select the golden skin then the sound effect stops mid animation. This isn't the bug that was resolved in the newest update, it's just a similar one as both have something to do with the sound clip.

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    Update: new bug(s) discovered:

    • When reloading then immediately switching weapons, Lara performs the animation of getting the new selected weapon out twice.
    • Some of the tiny ice spiders in Mountain Pass will despawn when they leap to attack you, will interfere with getting the Exterminator achievement.

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    Yeah, none of the bugs listed in this thread were fixed with the newest update. I thought I found that some were improved, but they haven't, I wasn't testing enough. The head start has possibly been improved regarding the AI issues listed in one of the posts, but don't take my word for it as so far I haven't seen any.

    New bugs:

    • When you click on the amount of gems to open up one of the 3 redirections to the gem microstransactions store it lists everything as costing $24.99. I'm from the UK so I don't understand why this is, the regular store next to the gear panel works fine.
    • When Lara dismounts her bike in Desert Ruins, if you have Parkour Slow Motion turned off in the options then her animation is unnaturally fast. This results in the sound clip being out of sync because obviously an extremely fast paced animation isn't going to sync up with the length of the audio. Solution: slow down the animation to it's original pace.
    • Whenever you buy a gear item (not tested on the new bundles) there's this small prompt that flashes on screen for each purchase made that says "On Sale Now!". It's a yellow bar with red text.
    • The pathway in the birds eye view map for each location is either poorly placed now or straight up gone. The Jungle Temple pathway that Lara runs on to switch levels is gone, in Desert Ruins it's there but in some places it's gone, Mountain Pass is the same for Desert Ruins.
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