According to the splash screen I should post here with any bugs etc.
After about an hour playing here's my findings, thought you guys should know;
In no particular order

- The cutscene audio had a strange pan effect. All the music came out hard left, all the voices hard right. This was only an issue in cutscenes, however.

- When told to shoot the mark the first time, the game gave no instruction other than how to aim and shoot, with no indication of how to go into the inventory, I had to look this up using the key bindings in the options.

- Speaking of which, this isn't a glitch but it wont allow me to change key bindings if the key is already assigned. Scrap this, if people make a mistake and overwrite a key then they can work it out, but let us change our keys easily.

- Using the rifle, tapping the fire button would often result in several shots being fired, ranging anywhere between 1-4, so this can't be a "burst feature", it's too sporadic.

- While investigating a dead body, guards seemed to not hear automatic gunfire and bullets headed in their direction, and in one instance didnt' realise he'd been shot in the torso.

- Shot a guard dead, he continued to animate while stood in place and suspicious, but had no collision with myself or bullets. I forget the proper term for this.

- Scroll wheel and keys wouldn't change weapons, had to be done manually through inventory.

- One instance of a guard firing a pistol at me which has a rifles sound, and had too many bullets for a pistol clip (much more than 8) and seemed to be fully automatic.

- While hiding in a cupboard the mouse sensitivity was unusably high, even with my DPI on minimum

- Game crashed and closed after half an hour of gameplay

- Guards were blind to an obvious dead body from the entrance of the ship to near the car.

- Doors are easy to get stuck on

- Game crashed and closed after another half an hour

My experience was perfectly fun and I am enjoying the beta, but I felt like I should report these so you can hopefully address them before the release.