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Thread: Legacy of Kain: Potential reboot scenario

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    Legacy of Kain: Potential reboot scenario

    Hello all,

    I may be new here but I am a LoK veteran having played all except the very first game. Thinking about how great the game is and the story I can imaginge that everybody here like the game and would like to see 'something'. (Also spoilers beware)

    I have always thought about an updated game with modern graphics and I saw the new engine that was used. it then hit me that my nostalgic 'me' would never really come back since it would just be a replay of the old story I already knew. The many discoveries and the dynamic between Kain and Raziel will never be 'new' of 'surprising'.

    Making a new story is difficult and as we know from a spoiled testgame; just making a new 'Soul Reaver' character immediately causes hate from the old time fans. (I disliked this idea as well even thou I would most likely swallow it if the plot was well)

    Then something hit me when I was re-watching some of the older footage of the game. There actually could be a very reasonable new yet familiar story be made.

    When we watch the games 'prophecy' of both the Hylden and the Vampires we always see the fight but never the outcome properly. The Hylden believe their hero is the victory and the Vampires theirs. What they fail to realize is that it is not their conflict that requires the savior. And the 'outcome' of that fight is basically Kain ditching Raziel in the abyss and then later the merger of the two and the defeat of the 'Elder God'.

    Now imaging....since the prophecy is undetermined and the outcome was not a victory of Kain over Raziel but Raziel over Kain. So the openingscene of Soul Reaver then would be that Raziel manages to dispose of Kain into the Abyss. This would make Kain the 'Soul Reaver' and Raziel the Hylden Champion.

    We would get different paths as Raziel would probably follow a road closer to the Hylden and we would see and learn more about the Hylden. Kain would be stuck with the Elder God. Since their personalities differ a lot their paths would differ. While Raziel was not immediately suspicious of the Elder God but slowly became so; Kain would flat out try to revolt and question immediatly.
    We would get complete new pathways and a Raziel that can actually fly allowing for a more open world with different puzzles. The outcome would most likely be the same except Raziel would slay the Elder God and Kain would sacrifice hims3elf but even that could become different.

    It would be a whole new run based upon a more Hylden centered outcome as opposed to the original outcome.

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    It's an interesting idea, but I have to say there may be a flaw here.

    Kain isn't either of the champions and never was. That was a deliberate plot twist pulled by the writers, making you assume their roles and then pulling the rug from under you in the final reveal.

    Raziel was in fact both champions and Kain's role as Scion of Balance was a completely separate thing - The conflict was never a literal fight between Raziel and Kain, but the internal struggle of Raziel... and by sacrificing himself he simultaneously fulfills both prophecies.

    With that said I'm not sure there is particularly any reason to just swap the characters and see who has what outcome in the opposite scenario and I'm a little unsure of how we'd achieve that in the first place - How does Raziel throw Kain in the Abyss? Is Kain still emperor? Did Raziel go through BO1? I'm not sure how it'd function... it could be an interesting perspective, but I'm not sure without more info on how it'd work.
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    [Oh no! Look at what you've started! This post became quite long.

    Oh well, shall we visit this RazWorld of yours??? .... in a novel-length post written in honor of the fallen Nosgoth game. (Which puts us back in the lead as the ones who must now craft our own LOK sequel. ........ Let's go:]

    You've chosen a nice clean starting point for an alternate reality. I like it. New players wouldn't have to be LOK scholars to get onboard. Raziel's voice: "I was supposed to die in the lake, I know that, but I suddenly felt possessed by a spirit even more fierce than my own, and I fought back against my lord and won; it was impossible and yet it happened, and what's more--with my waking eyes I saw the future shatter and fall away from my sire as history inexplicably chose me and a new future reshaped itself around me, using my moment of triumph as its cornerstone. And ever since I have sought to discover how and why the universe moved to save me that day, for I owe it a debt of gratitude beyond words, and the search has led me here" [Level 1 of the new game starts in a hylden glyph temple, or cool location of your choice.] That'd be all the Previously on Legacy of Kain that you'd need. The rest could be added in along the way as Raziel finds new revelations and tries to fit them in with the history he'd then blab about.

    We'd have a wise Raziel for the first time, because he'd live long enough to use the Chrono chamber and stop being a fool. So we'd have a lordly character in place of the bumbling pawn we've known, and he'd have awesome flight graphics to enjoy and dark angel fight action boosted by all kinds of glyph powers that could really be crazy fun with today's engines. His affinity for the hylden would grow from how they kept him alive when he should have died, and further strife with the necro-vampire tribes pushes him closer to the hylden voices he hears calling to him from beyond the Binding. The other necrovampires wouldn't accept Razielim authority as absolutely as they followed Kain.... Much of the vamp-on-vamp slaughtering from Nosgoth-the-Game's lore might still happen. Until, like Kain did, Raziel says screw you to the necro empire and decides to write them off in favor of his new hylden friends. So he uses the soul reaver (with Kain's spirit inside this time) for its true purpose (finally!)---he uses it as the key that unlocks the Binding. He invites the hylden back in to the world out of spite after the Razielim are ousted from power. It's sexy. Then, in the end, you might even have him learn why Kain's timeline was better. Raziel's timeline has no Scion of Balance in it. And it turns out the world's gonna need one of those real bad. Raz somehow commits timeline supuku to end his "false history" and return the flow of time to Kain's Vampire Victory timeline from Defiance (glimpsed by Raziel via chronoplast).

    [Here's where this post goes totally off the rails:]

    I've always had trouble with that Soul Reaver 1 opening movie anyway, so we might as well revisit it in a new game to help explain something:
    Kain was just fulfilling history when he sacrificed Raziel, yet it led to paradoxes. But this means that, as part of the original plan, fate set things in motion that would..... change fate? That doesn't make sense. Fate is set, it doesn't self-derail. It must be nudged into changing by some outside force. Paradox needs to be present, then, when history first begins to shift course. Raziel's sacrifice. That moment can't be part of what was supposed to happen. It was a shift. There was a paradox field in place just then. How? This new game's Emperor Raz could add the paradox by bringing his future reaver blade back in time with him to the "Throw him in!" moment when his timeline first diverged from Kain's. Why is he there? To pass the baton back to Kain's reality by committing timeline suicide(the Scion must be the one who lives, Raz has concluded). So Raz stabs his younger self just when young Raziel is thinking of fighting back against Kain! (Older Raz uses the dark reaver to turn invisible and mask his presence, and he's been a world sovereign long enough that his magic can hide him from Emperor Kain successfully). Now that young Raz is wounded not even the Hylden King's assistance (green eyes) is enough to beat Emperor Kain, and the historical Raziel loses instantly (everything goes back to playing out like it did in SR1 like it's supposed to), he gets tossed in the lake, and older wiser Raz winks out of existence. But only after a totally fun ride of a game, in which we get to see the victorious hyldens party hard at last.

    And it wasn't all for nothing, like some meaningless dream sequence episode of a TV show. This self-annihilating RazWorld has always been a necessary part of the paradox equation Kain used to kickstart things. It shook reality & provided a glimmer of free will when Kain needed it. This is how Kain snuck one past Elder and got the ball rolling toward all the other paradox progress he's made (and kept). Elder tried to steal the timeloop miracle and pervert it for his own purposes but it was never really his miracle, rather a vampire/hylden creation so it burned EG in the end. The pattern becomes clear: in every reality Kain trusts Raziel to eventually come around and see the light, and he does just that. They're blood.

    (Goofy? Hell yes. It's very late at night)
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    I think an alternate universe would be hard to work with in a setting that puts so much emphasis on fate, that there's only one history and the timestream doesn't accept major changes unless it absolutely has to.

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    Why not? It's just a different take on a story. This new story could have its own fate.

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    With Raziel running lose in the corrupted wastelands of Kains choice to damn the pillars we would get a different world. Back in 'the day' the games were limited by what computers back then could do. But now...imaging an open world with various parts of that world harboring clearly distinct architectures of the other still living vampire lords. Naturally Raziel would want to kill them but, still in the dark about the pillars purpose and discovering the Hylden background he could travel back to a time where the Hylden are still present, or simply bring the Hylden back.

    Another angel could bring them back to the age of the Sarafan, imaging being able to see the full city of Avernus at the peak of its existence fully explorable. Possibilities are not just with new plot twist. The world we 'explored' back then was fairly linear due to the limited possibilities from back then. These days we could have sequals that span over just one time period.

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