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Salty Super Players

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    Salty Super Players

    We have all seen them.

    Players with almost god like skill in Nosgoth... we look upon them and marvel, trying to follow them around the battlefield to help them destroy our enemies, aspiring to be as good as them one day...

    Until they start losing...

    Then the god like image begins to fade drained away by the torrent of salty tears flowing down there once perfect faces, all because the random group of players they are with, are not doing as well as them. They hurl insults and abuse around at everyone flailing at the situation they are now making worse.

    What is wrong with these people? Why do they feel they need to give so much grief to the team they are with, instead of taking control of the situation and perhaps thinking, i better help these guys out instead of ramboing around the arena looking for kills. Yes they get lots of points, but they aint helping the team if there not a part of it.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Yeah your description is pretty much 100% accurate. I guess they just really, really want to earn that prize money for leagues, which is kind of sad if you think about it considering the most they can win is $1000, but the effort to be #1 and maintain that position basically brings their average earnings far below minimum wage. Some people just take the game way too seriously.

    I had one guy (who is now in eternal league) tell me to change classes because I was bottom score on our team. We had 15 points more than the other team and I had a positive score, but he was telling me to change. I told him no and he became a toxic jerk. In the end I had a positive score, I was third on our team (above his teammate who he was partying with), and we won by a long shot, but that didn't stop him from insulting me whenever I saw him in another match.

    People like that are the real problem with leagues. The noobs aren't the ones driving people away. It's the toxic 'pros.'

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    Yesterday a had a match with this guy, who didn't want to follow the rest in leagues, when the game started, we all went to the other side of the map while he stayed at the spawn position and waited for all of us to die, then he wanted us to stay with him, when I was marking myself with Follow, replying to that 'Nope'. So eventually, we won the first round as vampires with a huge difference, but our team work as humans and the stubborness of him thinking that since his name is more famous than other players that everybody will do whatever he wants. That's not how team work works.
    First he let us all die at the begining, after not wishing to follow, then he thought that I'll probably follow him, that didn't happen. I went on the other side of the map, marking myself with the 'Follow' Command, while he kept sitting on that spawn position and doing nothing, and the other two players seemed confused, because neither he was doing anything, nor I stayed near him, so the teammates were running between us the entire time.
    If he is stubborn I can be stubborn too. I simply fed him his own medicine, because I join the games to win, not to waste my time with people who don't know where they found themselves. Almost at the end of the round he said, 'If you think that I care for losing the game, you're wrong', and I replied to him saying: 'I don't care either, not my problem you don't want to follow us'.

    This match was even recorded, because it was LIVE, and everybody can see it on YouTube. I called it 'Too Stubborn'. This video is the best example of how being too stubborn can ruin the game, although we were winning. But you can always feed the guy with this kind of attitude his own medicine, just like I did. A pity for the other two guys who lost because of that, but I personally do not regret giving him such kind of a back-up.
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    As long as there is no mute or ignore function, you´ll have to get used to that.

    Some ppl just have a problem with losing a game, because of their honor or something, dunno.
    Especially in higher ratings, there has been an attitude of being an cool guy by flaming down new players or just the losing team for a long time.
    It has nothing to do with league, league just makes it worse.
    But it already got a lot better and there are a lot of ppl who aren´t thinking like that too... they are just too lazy to talk, cuz it makes no sense.

    The only thing that will make you better is a lot of practice, so don´t mind them idiots and keep it up.

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    I am one of those "salty players" you so well described but let me bring to your knowledge that i don't just hurl insults cause why not i do it after:

    1) I ask politely that you change your class say we are human against 2 sents and something else and you pick vanguard. Don't get me wrong the vanguard is maybe the most powerfulest class in game atm but if used close to perfection. I myself have witnessed very few PRO players controlling it very well. If you don't change it because you want to XP it up maybe league play isn't for you (i heard the need for xp a lot). If you think league is just for XP-ing that's fundamentally wrong.

    2)If you don't want to teamplay then alltogether you came to league mode for some wrong reason

    3) If you don't communicate AT ALL not because you don't speak english why even bother? I mean i have seen players that speak english and don't communicate unless you curse them, that's when they magically learn it. When you ask them to maybe take an alchemist that's where it gets foggy and confusing. Also even funnier my duos friend is 100% russian (i am not) and he doesn't speak english just knows some words he learned just so he could communicate with team not joking.

    4) Don't make achievements in league, change to what the team needs not what you particularly want to play cause it's not casual.

    5) When a player comes literally at level 15 or w/e close to that and has 4 classes, i wouldn't mind you being bad and me carrying but at least get a supporting class and help me.

    6) When i get insulted by players who do way worse than me (that really gets me angry)

    7)When you call it "just a game" ---> Casual or TDM that's where you belong when you don't want to play competitive

    8)When you just run around the map alone and get killed for free and then the other person that i don't know just follows in to save you and dies and their team just 4v2 me and my friend. That's very fun!

    9) When you feed on purpose or afk because i told you to get a certain or follow team ---> Special place in hell for this

    10) Forgot this one.... When someone uses mic ingame and it's just plain static and team tells you to stop and all team can hear is bzzz...haha...bzz . I know it's a bit rare for this but nonetheless it has happened

    @Gugulug5000 Depends in what country you speak of 1000$ being no money?! I mean here minimum wage is 170~ $ so 1000$ is basically a surgeon's wage. Also idk how matchmaking really works, but i don't mind noobs in it, i mind it when teams are like:" 2 eternal + blood1-3 + 3/5th match to get maximum into silver league vs 2 eternal + 2 blood league" close to end of season. Plus we can't even choose who we fight against. I mean i could easily carry the guy that's right in front of me on eternal and why would i want that when i am clearly giving him the money i want. Weird right? Since points don't matter whether you had the best score or w/e just win or lose.

    Also on a side note :"When i play casual i really don't care at all if we win or lose or do w/e you wanna do since i just having nothing to win except XP which i don't even need so feel free to just roam around the map or w/e :-??".
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    ^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^ ::golfclap::

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    @R3dLine237: First off, I appreciate that you're trying to explain yourself in a civil manner, I really do, but I have to disagree with you on some matters. Mainly this:

    Originally Posted by R3dLine237
    I am one of those "salty players" you so well described but let me bring to your knowledge that i don't just hurl insults cause why not i do it after:
    Are you seriously trying to justify being toxic? What I'm getting from this is you saying "Well I don't want to be toxic, but they don't really give me a choice." Insulting people is toxic no matter what the motivation. Just because some people don't play as well as you, or don't like being told how to play a game doesn't mean you can just insult them and claim that it's acceptable. Being toxic is never acceptable (though I will concede that if someone is toxic to you first, responding in kind is extremely tempting, and I'm guilty of that too).

    I agree with you that leagues are not the place for leveling classes or for getting achievements, but people have pretty much no choice but to play Leagues. The population in TDM drops significantly while Leagues are going. This is a problem that Pysonix needs to fix.

    Regarding your post about $1000 being a lot of money, yes it is dependent on which country you are in, however, aside from the top 9 positions in eternal, the rest of the cash rewards are below what your country's minimum wage is. Assuming your $170 is a weekly 40 hour/week stat(the typical hours worked per week in the US, though I'm guessing your country actually has more hours per week though, but just for the sake of argument, I'll just use 40 as the standard), you average $4.25 per hour. Assuming 15 min/game, and doing some simple calculations for the top 9 of last league, this is what they made hourly:

    1st: $8/hr, 2nd: $6.8/hr, 3rd: $6.19/hr, 4th: $5.11/hr, 5th: $3/hr, 6th: $3.03/hr, 7th: $2.92/hr, 8th: $2.06/hr, 9th: $1.80/hr

    Aside from 1st-4th place, none of them made more than minimum wage in your country (assuming 40 hrs/week), and first place didn't even double your minimum wage. Only first place beat the minimum wage in the US ($7.25 is the lowest in the country, though in most states it's actually higher than that). So yes, my point about people being overly competitive and toxic over virtually no money stands. If they need the money so badly as to treat others like crap when they're losing, they'd be better off getting a job.

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    Well 1st person to reply not even the one who made the damn whole thing but thanks for bothering to read my wall

    Also there are exceptions when it's justified to be toxic. 1st time it happens ok... 100 th time ok 1000th time not really.

    2nd of all you assumed really wrong on the math part... not that it's not well done regarding the calculus but in my country your monthly minimum wage is 170$ my bad for not mentioning but i thought it was selfunderstoodso i guess just multiply your math by four i guess. Also this game allows me to play whenever i see fit i just need to be home pretty not demanding right? Also to have a steady job and learn general med it's pretty hard to keep both up and working not to mention helping out family and such.

    Alsoly how can you not be toxic to someone who is toxic to you? I have never seen that not happen from 12 yo children to 40 yo children.

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    Originally Posted by R3dLine237
    how can you not be toxic to someone who is toxic to you?
    Ask Jesus. Or the Dalai Lama. Or...Really, any number of random non-specific people who are capable of it. It's not some miraculous concept.
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    Originally Posted by Ygdrasel
    Ask Jesus. Or the Dalai Lama. Or...Really, any number of random non-specific people who are capable of it. It's not some miraculous concept.
    Lol You always have the greatest replies Ygdrasel.

    @R3dLine237: Oh did you mean $1.70 as the minimum wage? Okay that makes more sense, I thought you meant $170 weekly. Yeah the numbers are all still solid, just my relation of them to your minimum wage is off. Looks like the top 9 are all higher than your minimum wage, but still not higher than those in the US. Still, the odds of really getting a good payout from playing Nosgoth are against you, and even the money doesn't justify toxicity.

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    Well it was my bad for not mentioning 170$ monthly. Still i get 50$ just 200 games/month which is like 6 games/day 20 minutes x 6 -> 2 hours which i can spend playing whenever i want! Be it morning night day etc. My problem! Doing so with a part time job which would yield me the same amount and for actual work would ask a specific program. As a med student i can get just jobs since no higher advanced studies, and up my time since i can't go there whenever i want to. Plus it feels like the bad players in team are the hinderance to my achievement to obtaining my goal which sucks for me and them. This forcing new players on older players just to balance games is a bad idea. Also why would i want to carry even if i win some guy that idk and fight the guy that's my friend? I'd rather farm all the noobs with my friend i believe we earned that since we do it fairly no hax no nothing just our reward for putting 1000+ hours in this game. Fair nuff?

    Originally Posted by Ygdrasel
    Ask Jesus. Or the Dalai Lama. Or...Really, any number of random non-specific people who are capable of it. It's not some miraculous concept.

    If i would believe in such maybe i would've tried already xD

    Yet forget not :"When you speak to gods it's fine! If they respond then it's a psychological illness!"

    Hope my advice helps you also xD
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    It's called being an Elitist and virtually every game has them.

    Just tell 'em to and move on, they're going to be too heated to listen to anything you have to say regardless.
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    Originally Posted by Raptr0s
    It's called being an Elitist and virtually every game has them.

    Just tell 'em to and move on, they're going to be too heated to listen to anything you have to say regardless.
    It's a highly competitive game. Those guys are the target audience.
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