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Thread: *IMPORTANT* Scripted opportunities (Must be Fixed)

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    I kinda wish they'd post the changelist here, but I don't suppose they really have anything to gain by doing that. It'd probably piss off as many of us as it would appease lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YungSpaceWalrus View Post
    If I find out these scripted events are going to be apart of the full game I'm seriously considering getting a refund before release, if I don't find out before release I'll just play the first level of the main game on release and get a steam refund.

    I'm not gonna get suckered into playing another Absolution. My hopes were so high for this game too. Really disappointed.
    Agreed! how long do you have to get a refund? I bought mine today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GurraFinnLirr View Post
    Agreed! how long do you have to get a refund? I bought mine today...
    Depends where you purchased it. The rule of thumb is that digital content is non-refundable, so you would have to cancel your pre-order before Friday. Otherwise, you will be charged for it and will not be eligible for a refund.

    (click image to enlarge)

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