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Thread: Top 5 Good, Top 5 Bad

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    Top 5 Good
    1. I liked the disguise system pretty much. Now only some people can see through you - not everyone how it was in Absolution
    2. The dialogues are great, some people talk about things which can help me in destroying my targets
    3. The freedom - it is not linear as it was in Absolution
    4. Opportunities of killing targets - it was a little funny when Jasper Knight was catapulted.
    5. Character animations

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Optimization on PC. When there are not so many NPCs, game runs good but still should be polished as there are other lags
    2. Interrupting in actions of NPCs. I poisoned a guy and then turned a fire alarm - the guy stopped going to the toilet and got back to his normal life
    3. Dialogues of NPCs should happen not only when you see them.
    4. Magnet rifle on the back of 47
    5. No summary of your performance at the end of a mission

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    1. Player-dependent events (scripted actions) <---- THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING
    2. NPC followers don't follow well (Escorting Knight to the jet, when he should know by himself to get there, instead just stopping and waiting for me to pick him up; soldier guarding Knight sometimes being closer and sometimes being way behind him, though I don't know whether that's intended), probably pathfinding issues as well
    3. Sound delay in cutscenes
    4. Command prompts not showing up when not standing in the very exact location needed, thus making quick actions difficult
    5. Intrusive HUD; Goals shown even with everything off, TRESPASSING/CLEAR right in the middle of the screen

    1. Coins! Also that they are limited
    2. NPC commentaries
    3. Great opportunites on the maps (if not obstructed by bad point #1)
    4. Disguise system near perfection
    5. Looks really pretty, runs really well (R9 390)

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    Top 5 Good
    1. The new AI detection
    2. The fact you can turn off all the instinct/opportunities indicator things.
    3. The general direction of game design. (welcome back Hitman : Silent assassin / Contracts / Bloodmoney
    4. Non Linear Levels
    5. 47 actually hide is gun behind him, geez, so intense.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. SCRIPTED EVENTS HAPPENS ONLY WHEN YOU GET CLOSE. Because of that thing you can't do what you want to plan your murder, it's a letdown. (That's a HUGE HUGE bad thing, it actually ruined my experience)
    2. Many Glitches and Bugs (but it's beta, so...)
    3. In his state, the game is way too easy, i already have all the challenges, and i'm a purist, i desactivate all the indicator/instincts... I get it, it was the training, but the targets are way too easy to reach.
    5. The impossibility to take "human shield".

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    Most of my thoughts echo what others have already said and I'm still cautiously optimistic about how the final product will turn out, though I'd love to hear some response from IO regarding these issues (and others that have been repeatedly mentioned).

    1. It feels like the disguise system has landed on the best possible combination of the prior games’ different systems
    2. Love the minimalist UI; crisp, clean, and very distinct
    3. Overall, recaptures some of the feeling of “Blood Money” and comes across as less faux-“gritty” than “Absolution”
    4. Save system

    1. Scripted events being triggered by player proximity rather than running on some sort of timer. Above all else, this makes the game miss out on being the new version of “Blood Money” that I was hoping for and is pushing me towards cancelling my pre-order and waiting to see if this is addressed before I consider re-purchasing
    2. Holstering weapons without any sort of animation looks incredibly silly, especially with the larger rifles which magnetically affix themselves to 47’s back. At least in the latter case, there should be a strap or something on the rifle so it doesn’t look like it’s just floating there, even if the strap only appears when 47 has the weapon holstered.
    3. Similarly, hiding bodies in lockers/crates without any animation of 47 lifting or moving the body into position is quite jarring.
    4. The cutscenes have some issues: subtitles don’t show up, the volume for the dialogue is exceptionally faint, and the audio and video desynchronize

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    I was experimenting today and I was very satisfied in general.

    Top 5 Good
    1. AI in general
    2. Great Blood Money feeling. I can't wait to see returns the others classic features like the sniper briefcase
    4. Music with some instruments like drums being played dinamically. (Doesn't mean I don't miss Jesper Kyd)
    5. Animations and death physics.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Clunky interaction method. I mean sometimes with a mix of few objects, bodies and a door can make the situation a little confusing and makes the player lose time looking to select something (like close the door or pick an object)
    2. Can't stop lockpicking animation to avoid detection if somebody is around.
    3. "I love over the shoulder aim, but I don't love that its the only viable aim" +1 optional dot crosshair would be great.
    4. Why put the change shoulder button on the move-joystick and the crouch button on the look-joystick? makes no sense. I switched this with the steam controller like in Absolution. I hope Steam Controller integration too.
    5. Scripted events when you are around.

    plus: Miss the fiber wire animation before strangling someone.

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Cool creative kill opportunities
    2. New system for seeing through disguises
    3. Better instinct feature
    4. Great level design
    5. Overall just plain fun
    6 (Bonus) That toilet drowning animation is eerily really good

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Bad level select screen, It could be easily fixed with a dropdown list
    2. Bad challenge screen, again a dropdown list could help, the menus seem to be to console focused in general
    3. weird looking animation bugs primarily when garroting someone
    4. Some civilians glitch out and stand still and unkillable when causing a commotion on the training course.
    5. Overall the console focused menus are really bad.

    In general I really enjoyed the beta and spent eight hours replaying the missions to 100% them. I would really like better menus focused more on PC or at least more PC friendly. when doing the 100% I spent too much time being confused with the consololified menus and would love some better ones. 9/10 so far : )

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    Top 5 good:
    - Crisp graphic, even in lowest settings
    - Melee weapon now stun enemies rather than kill them when used from behind the target.
    - Level is bigger than absolution
    - Autosaves
    - Coin is back

    Top 5 bad:
    - Poor optimization for such a small map, i will list my spec below for more detail.
    - Unable to choose what equipment to bring to the mission
    - Sometime people still can see from behind a wall, caught me in action.
    - Scripted events
    - Limited coin

    I enjoyed the beta, but the biggest issue is optimization. I got 20-25 fps and sometime drop without reason beyond 15 fps.
    The map in beta is smaller then the main game so please consider an optimization or people with minimum requirements won't be able to play at all.

    Here is my spec when testing the beta:
    - GPU : HD 7870 2GB OC
    - CPU : AMD FX 6300 3.0GHz Stock
    - RAM : 8 GB DDR 3
    - HDD : 320 GB 7200 RPM + Samsung SSD 120 GB

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    Top 5 good:
    - Great gameplay back to classic Hitman style
    - Challenges give it a great replay value
    - Great graphics options, looks good
    - Loved the fact people of other disguise classes unless higher rank wouldn't know you were an imposter but your guys could.
    - Great and varied assassinations, loved the ejector seat one

    Top 5 bad:
    - Key for dragging body didn't always show up when over a body, had to keep moving around
    - Final mission on the beta didn't show my completed challenges like the first and you had to go back to menu every time instead of the replay option on the first.
    - Unlimited manual saving made it all a bit too easy. I'd prefer just auto saves on key events
    - Key bindings. Some key binding that were on the same key when I tried to bind to another key said that key was already bound on the second action. I wanted to stick with a single key for both actions but I couldn't move them both.
    - The inventory screen was a little off flow, a quick inventory selection like The Witcher with an inventory select wheel on key would have been preferable so I didn't have to go off game screen.

    Also one extra one to mention, the Nvidia profile had no out the box SLI profile. Please, please work with Nvidia and have an optimized SLI profile on release. I'm running 4k with SLI and it's really annoying when release games like Fallout 4 that are so big have no day one support.

    Here is my spec when testing the beta:
    - GPU : 2x GTX 970 SLI (EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 4096MB GDDR5)
    - CPU : Intel Core i7-3770 3.40GHz (Ivybridge)
    - RAM : G.Skill TridentX 32GB (4x8GB) DDR3 PC3-19200C10 2400MHz Quad Channel
    - HDD : OCZ Vertex 4 256GB 2.5" SATA-3 Solid State

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    Top 5 good:

    - David Bateson's voice acting is again, great.

    - The Final Test, Suit Only, no saves, no subduing was my favorite thing I've done in the beta. It perfectly capsules the essence of Hitman - learning the map, learning guard patterns, messing with the AI, create opportunities for yourself, time things as best as you can. I had the most fun playing that way and I'm hoping for more experience like this one. In two words - harder, please :)

    - The Final Test is just a good level overall, the exploration is there, the space is well used, there's pretty much no area that isn't used for something. Also throwing pool balls at people.

    - Shoulder cam is a neat idea, but it doesn't seem to work when pressed against the wall. I enjoy the possibilities it could give me, but in the current state, I don't find myself using it.

    - Menu is beautiful.

    Top 5 bad:

    - The universal timer isn't there. And this is the sole reason as to why I cannot call this a Hitman experience.

    I loved creating complex strategies that required me to gather enough knowledge about the map, learn guard patterns, learn target's pattern, learn optimal timings, find points of interest based on the timings, know where and when to cancel animations to gain that little extra bit of time, prepare my beautiful death machine by placing mines, adding poison, etc. and then watch it all as it happens and as I'm already running to the exit. Since I have to activate triggers manually now, that feeling is gone, I have to wait for people to go to the places I want them too, this leads to a lot of downtime and frustration if I'm doing something risky and will reset a lot. Just killing Ritter in his office with a mine takes way too much time. I already know where everything is so I'm running to the points of interest, taking what I need, placing the mine and then I have to trigger events… so I stand next to the chopper, wait for Ritter to talk to the girl, drink, then I have to go downstairs for his buddy to arrive, they have to meet up, there's a conversation there and only then Ritter will go to his office (which also takes time).

    The Final Test didn't have as many of those, but there's still a lot of waiting. Especially when trying to make Knight watch the slides, I had to wait for him to make his rounds, KGB officer to make his rounds, then they realize the slides are available, then they talk for a while, then they go look at them. And The Final Test is taking place on a small map. If we add huge areas to that, the amount of time I'm going to have to spend by simply following the target until he's where I want him might just be annoying. Contracts had something like that. In Bjarkhov Bomb, you could follow a guard that would lead you to Bjarkhov if you were disguised as Fuchs. His pace was slow and you couldn't go faster cause he'd shoot you. I don't need more of that experience :)

    - Mashing Q during subduing and combat QTEs. Mashing Q doesn't need to happen, I don't see the reason for it existing. It's not skillful, it's not strategic, it's annoying especially if you restart a lot and have to subdue a guy at the beginning of each of your attempts. I'm fine with subduing taking time, there's just no need for me to participate in an arbitrary manner during that time. Combat QTE isn't as much of a problem for me, personally, since I usually play silently, but it also doesn't seem to take in account any skill. You don't have to time the buttons or even really hit the right one, you just have to mash the keys and you can get out of pretty much every encounter.

    - The generic action movie soundtrack. Fake tension sounds dumb when I know I'm perfectly safe. I also don't need music cues to tell me that I'm doing something badass. It either kicks in when I'm not feeling badass or when I already know that I am strictly from the gameplay. I'd really prefer the Jesper Kyd-style culture inspired atmospheric music rather than this weird action movie thing that I don't think fits when I'm playing stealthy. The main menu music is fine though. Interesting that I felt the same way in Absolution. And the Sniper Challenge theme is really catchy. Wasn't that by the same people? Why can't they do that more? :P

    - The keyboard controls. Oh boy, it's like I'm playing a piano! I imagine multiple Use actions came from Blood Money, but in that game it made sense. E was for use, Space for picking things up, G for throwing/dropping. Multiple keybindings don't seem to work, it still tells me that the key is already used. Having right click as my inventory is second nature to me, but I can't because of Aim. Which is sort of important to have on the right click...

    - Silent Assassin being degraded to simply a challenge. Which means no satisfaction from seeing the stats or ranks, no real incentive for playing stealthy. It's a dumb thing, but I always enjoy seeing that Silent Assassin rank at the end of a mission. Especially when I created a strategy from scratch, it was difficult, it took time, hundreds of restarts and after a month of doing it, I finally got it right! Now I get nothing... great. Also most of the fan made categories (All Zeroes, All Accidents, etc.) came from the stats screens so it'd be nice to see it back. You've embraced Suit Only, embrace other ones as well. Just don't give me Absolution's points system back, cause I still can't figure it out and gave up eventually, cause it wasn't clear enough.

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    First of all I have got to say that I am new to this Forum so a big HELLO to everybody out there! For me it is far easier to complain because these are the things I find out rather quickly, so do not think that I do not like the game, I think it is really good and even better if you keep up the good work. So now the following are my top 5 ups and downs:

    Top 5 Good
    1. The gameplay is about taking out your target, no areas where you just have to sneek and pass. Overall it feels really good.
    2. The new combined disguise system is working quiet well, obviously it was to easy in Blood Money and to difficult and random in Absolution. Now there are certain person who can spot you, these are normaly placed at key locations, what makes the game more of a challenge (sometimes).
    3. The overall grahics do look nice, especially on PC, even if there is a huge issue. When you put you grahic setting on 1920 x 1080 px and turn super sampling of, everything is blurred. Please fix that!. There is a lot of detail in the level and easter eggs, also the atmosphere is really nice. Enjoyed the Beta levels greatly!
    4. Sound is great! Voice Acting too, just sometimes there are some bugs but they are easy to fix and do not matter that much. Music also fits the gameplay.
    5. You really thought about ways to kill your target, sometimes they are great fun! Keep it up.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. The Challenges, but not the Challenges it self, they are fun to complete, but if you read through them they spoil a lot of ways to kill you target. So please just make them so that you have to find out yourself how to complete it and maybe integrate a system where you can pay ingame Money (you earned thourgh hits for example) to get a tip how to complete.
    2. A rating system is missing! I really want to see that in the full game, because the most exceting part about hitman is to hunt the Silent Assassin rating with different approaches.
    3. The PC version has some issues especially with crowded areas, where a lot of people are standing around. Maybe you can fix this in the futur (until release) because with bigger levels it will be even more of a problem.
    4. Maybe the follwing bad point will be fixed in the future, but there have to be more targets so that the the missions are not that easy to complete. In the future the levels will be far bigger and i hope this is accompanied by a higher difficulty.
    5. When you open fire the KI seems like they have no real strategy. Sometimes going in one by one, they could throw grenade or approach from different angels (what they do sometimes). Also crowds have that same problem, it just seems a bit weird what they do if you open fire and should at everybody.
    6. Some sounds are missing and the fibre wire animation is not 100 % correct, just some other little issues but no game breakers.
    7. The Targets just do there routine run if they are triggered to do so, this can be frustrating and is annoying, please change that!

    An extra thought of mine:
    When the game comes out in one moth the extent of the game will be limited, so Contracs mode must be integrated from the beginnning, otherwise the game will be borring quickly. The variety of a hitman game is really important, I hope the levels will come out month for month and so that you hold your promises. Do not get this in a negative way, I just want hitman to be as great as possible. And of course keep the great work up, it is clear that you really put a lot of affort in the game!
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    Top 5 Good
    1. Hitman is back. The plot has no influence over what we have to do, it rests in the background, the way it should.
    2. Better approach to disguise system, balance between Blood Money's absolute safety while exploring and Absolution's ridiculous ease to be spotted.
    3. Diversified ways to kill your target, entry/exit points which contributes to overall replayability.
    4. Animations and the feel you get from shooting are more satisfying.
    5. Interesting dialogs which are fun to listen while exploring the level.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Levels are too script-based and opportunities are supplied with lots of guidance, which makes the game more casual and less interesting to explore. The world should be able to live on its own the way it did in Blood Money. The interface assistance on opportunities should be off by default and something that could be turned on in the settings if someone needs it.
    2. Although some interesting ideas from Absolution are present, there is a lack of features Blood Money and/or earlier games had - keyholes, hostage taking. Lack of point shooting is also frustrating, since Hitman is now more fragile and shooting became more difficult/realistic.
    3. Some level design flaws - in the yacht level the bodyguard disguise is too perfect - neither the target nor the other bodyguard are able to see through it, while they should be. In the final task level there is the problem with killing the target in radio room - fiber wire or subdueing makes enough noise to attract the guards from the other side of the door.
    4. In both of the levels it is possible to hide by the box/car and easily shoot all the guards which would be running to you until all of them dead, then you come and kill the target which is left alone.
    5. Graphics and performance bugs and basically everything else that has to do with game being a beta.

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    1. ability to capture multiple items (2 bricks + 5 hammers etc) - funny but it's what I wanted
    2. special movements (ability to climb the pipe, over the grille)
    3. sounds of nature (singing birds are very good)
    4. saves (I hope there will be more than 8 slots, cause they're shared for all levels)
    5. ability to snap neck of sleeping body

    1. inability to blow up cars - I liked this feature in absolution
    2. some of music are far from classic hitman. even music in Absolution was better
    3. inability to crash mirrors and other objects
    4. absence of human shield
    5. inability to open locked doors by shooting them

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    Top 5 good:

    1. Number of ways to kill the target
    2. Sandbox levels
    3. Classic disguise system with little innovation
    4. David Bateson
    5. Feeling that's the old damn good Hitman game


    1. Non-detailed icons in weapon inventory
    2. Visible challenges\opportunities kills all discovery (spoilers)
    3. Scripted events
    4. No rating

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    • No human shields

    • many triggered situations/dialouges (oppertunities also) - please(!!!) handle it like in blood money: World is turning around even without your steps... l so you do exact the opposite of your talkings "greating a realistic environment" - since absolution i can feel, how you wanna *guide* the player and take him on your hand instead of letting him experience the world like he wanna do

    • accidental deaths and so on shown in a fullscreen-video - thak is taking away my immersion alot. I would highly recommend, that therdont appear a video-clip, i just wanna watch all consequences of my doings ingame; 3rdperson. If you rly wanna introduce a second perspective, take the Blood-Money-Split-Screen-solution for that (if your target got killed, show that in a clip half over the screen, on the other half you can still see your character 3rd-person)

    • sooo less feedback after completing a mission. With love i keep in mind the newspaper-articles of Blood Money... - rank it like that - or like silent assasin

    • Performance (even with up2date Driver) - especially compared to the quality of the graphic

    • covering- and shooting-system is feeling strange

    • If some NPCs starting to talk next to you and you walk 50 metres away you can still hear that NPCs in nearly the same clearnes (with a bunch of talking people between you and that npcs - unrealistic)

    • Mashing Q needed - Quicktime events for putting people to "sleep"


    • Bigger Sandbox-Levels

    • Less tunnel-level like in absolution

    • better a.i.-awareness in some situations then in absolution

    • a.i.-dialouges

    Additional Thoughts

    First Person would be good (optional of course) - in addiction to the ability to spy through keyholes

    And again: Step back from that triggered-events- and opportunity-things. Rly. Especially if you "need" to play a level over and over again (Live-Mode; Contract-Mode - because next level releases next month) and you has to listen the same dialouges over and over again, to wait for some actions over and over again - its would be annoying.

    Hitman players always loved the freedom of her actions and of your levels - until you take that away on Absolution.

    Give us back that now - thats your chance - dont miss it... .

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Blood Money feels
    2-3: To be honest, most of the things that BM had and Absolution didn't. (Or vice-versa) I played Absolution for a couple of hours then quit forever, it was bad. Everything that is brought back from BM is good.
    4. Guns are dangerous: 1-2 shot kills, even against me
    5. I didn't think I'll say this, but I kinda like the enforcer concept (but they should be better differentiated visually other than the dot over the head).

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Events being tied to my position. Thing should happen whether I make a step or not.
    2. Instincts. Just get rid of it alltogether. (Wallhack isn't acceptable in any game.)
    3. Holding my hand and dragging me through opportunity solutions. One icon per opportunity at the most important place would be enough. Like on the side of the jet. No alert on the conversation of the workers, nothing.
    4. QTEs. Not only when attacking from front, but I wanted to subdue a guard from behind, it worked with the same guy 99% of the time, this one time he miraculously knew I was about to do it and fought back. How? Why? Could've been a bug though.
    5. 3 different Use buttons? Too much buttons in general on PC.
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    Top 5 Good
    2. Escorted out of area I was not allowed in
    3. Throwing blunt objects to k/o
    4. Can talk to some NPCs
    5. Can take clothes from NPC after being hidden

    Top 5 Bad
    1. No human shield
    2. No way to turn off Primary Objective (top left)
    3. No rating at end - silent assassin, witnesses, accidents etc
    4. No way to turn of detection 'shhhhhhh' noise
    5. Opportunities should be time based and not triggered by player

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    The good.

    1. Level design. It felt like I had plenty of freedom in both missions and could get creative with approaches.
    2. Disguise system appears well balanced.
    3. AI's reactions to most things were more logical than before.
    4. Camera is farther back than in Absolution. May seem like a small thing but one reason I couldn't play Absolution with kb+mouse was because the camera made running straight forward feel impossible.
    5. Manual saves.

    The bad.

    1. Proximity based triggers.
    2. No rating system outside of challenges.
    3. Inescapable melee combat and the inability to push people over railings and down stairs whenever.
    4. While more logical, the AI was also quite slow.
    5. Some control issues such as overlapping keybindings (X for vault and for fake surrender) and lack of hotkeys for weapons, items and map.

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Blood Money gameplay , combined with excellent Absolution improvements.
    2. Unlimited saves.
    3. No enemy respawn.
    4. Living world like in Absolution.
    5. Very cool art and visual state of the game, even on low settings.

    Top 5 Bad
    0. Events triggered only by checkpoints. (At least it should be optional in some way)
    1. No rating system and statistic (at least in beta, i whant my psycho back o_o).
    2. AI need some tools to force 47 change his cover (flashbang\gas grenades, supressing fire, i dont know). I'am in "stealth" mode, NPC-guard hear me shooting from small room, and then just walk in it. Then he die, next NPC-guard see it and walk in that room ... and die too. I killed a lot of them by this way, still being in "stealth".
    If NPC see that another NPC gunned down in his sight of view, he should to run some sort of "Hunt" state.
    3. Crowd AI is strange. When one part of them stay in "panic", other part of them play "idle" animation, like nothing happens. They should escape to the exit and disappearing from the level, or at least be better synchronised.
    4. A lot of ragdoll bugs, and lack of optimization (at least make very low settings, if it possible. Maybe some checkboxes like "disable dinamyc shadows" or smt)
    5. It's funny, when NPC-guard see weapons on the floor, but absolutly ignoring puddle of blood under it. I think blood should be handled like in BM. (NPC react on it + following by blood trails, which also missing in beta)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    6. Inability (in beta) to take custom weapons\bombs on mission and blow them all (like in BM), but mabe some sort of spawn menu cheat from devs\Contract mode will fix this problem.
    7. No money or weapon upgrades from BM.
    8. Inability to save during combat.
    9. Main menu not very comfortably for PC.

    Sry for my english.
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    Top 5 Good
    1. Disguises
    2. General Level Design (different approaches/exits)
    3. Options to disable Instinct, Opportunities, NPC Icons. What a relief! (would like to disable vault prompts, too)
    4. David Bateson
    5. Weapon Handling (and Object Placement)

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Scripted Opportunities (this deserves to be on all 5 ranks... it is an absolutely no go for a Hitman game...)
    2. Some approaches are too obvious (e.g. Norfolk drinks a sip, goes for a 15 sec smoke, drinks a sip, smokes...)
    3. Challenges should be hidden until achieved. It was quite difficult to check on your progress without getting spoilers.
    4. Couldn't garotte sitting persons.
    5. Crowd AI (reacts way too slow)

    I would really love to see the rating system return. Actually getting paid for the hits and buying/collecting equipment for the following missions was also very good, please consider re-adding a system like that!

    Multiple Profiles would also be greatly appreciated, some of us want to earn challenges and level progression on every playthrough from scratch.

    Bugs & Glitches (PC):

    • [Freeform Training] 47/Norfolk glitches through civilians
    • [Freeform Training] Norfolk lets the poisoned wine glass fall to the ground, it disappears and the "put glass on table" animation still plays
    • [Freeform Training] 47 froze in place while pushing the car exit button (90 degree angle, coming from the ship), save loading required
    • [Freeform Training] When the woman Ritter talks to sits down, quite a lot of skin glitches through her skirt
    • [Freeform Training] Exploded cars in the garage smoke through floor above
    • [Freeform Training] The mirror behind the bar changes its reflection when entering the boats interior. The interior reflection shows the flag in the wrong position
    • [Freeform Training] Parts of the Water bottles on the bar shelves react like metal to bullets
    • [Freeform Training] There is a spot in the garage in the far right corner (near the locker) where almost all the graphics/textures disappear
    • [Final Test] 47 still asks for the slides, even if he already stole them before getting a soldiers disguise
    • [Final Test] Loading the game just before the vodka toast causes the dialogue to be silent
    • When poisoning, sometimes the rat poison box is attached to the vial
    • Many many invisible textures (inside suit jackets, below skirts)
    • Audio gets louder after loading a save, sometimes the music stops (No Audio Options ???)
    • Explosion Ragdoll looks awkward (Blood Money did this better)
    • Menu prompts can't be closed/cancelled with ESC. Start Screen can't be progressed with clicking.
    • No bullet penetration on "real NPC" or thin walls/wood, bullets are not stopped by crowds of "fake NPC"
    • Garotte animation is often off (47 positioning)
    • NPC drag around invisible body bags (texture invisible or he lost it on the way, not sure)
    • Bulletwounds are often just black spots (should be red? Maybe this is part of the Training simulation)
    • In rare cases Autosave loading caused FPS to drop from 60 to constant 5 fps, reload fixed it.

    The shootable Rubber-Crocodile is fabulous!
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    Top 5 Good
    1. Complex & Dynamic AI Reaction
    2. The Complexity of some of the Opportunities
    3. The Replay-ability based on SO MANY different options
    4. The Disguise Feature within this game.
    5. Xbox 1 Controller integration for PC (button mapping swapped out for my controller)

    Top 5 Bad
    1. The Opportunities menu I felt revealed too much info (became a check list)
    3. ANIMATIONS (Magnetized Guns, Disappearing Weapons, Garrote Kills, Automatic Doors [Realism])
    4. Needs more blood and no blood splatter or trails
    5. Discovery of Opportunities notified me of every opportunity (should be a way to play without notifications of location.)

    ALL IN ALL : This is an AMAZING Game. You guys have done an amazing job so far, and for that I thank you.

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Larger Sandboxes
    2. AI respond fairly when interacted with.
    3. Optional and/or Minimalist Hand holding
    4. The Old Save System.
    5. Less story focused

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Awkward Gun play
    2. Infinite Pocket Space (Makes throwing weapons easy to exploit)
    3. No difficulty Setting
    4. Easy disguise system (Quite easy to play if there's only 3-4 people that can see through my disguise)
    5. No Rating System?
    6. Choppy Cutscenes

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    May 2015
    3. Optional and/or Minimalist Hand holding

    what? did you play the beta ? it was nothing BUT handholding

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Gun damage, they feel powerful
    2. Ability to wound npcs
    2. Greater freedom compared to Absolution
    4. New NPC 'enforcers'/detection system
    5. The overall atmosphere (reminds me of the good old classic HM games)

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Guns don't sound right at all when fired rapidly (no sound for some of the shots). This is especially noticeable with one of the pistols.
    2. No holstering animation
    3. Fiber wire kills far too quick
    4. Serious performance issues with mirrors
    5. No indication of there being a 'hideout' (loved this feature from the older games)

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    Jun 2015
    1. Open sandbox levels are back.
    2. Disguise system is great. Enforcers are a good idea.
    3. AI is better than previous Hitman games.
    4. Storyline is interesting and portrayed well.
    5. Many assassination options.

    1. Animations are buggy.
    2. Slow-motion kills. Please give us an option to turn this off.
    3. No first person option.
    4. Frame rate drops on consoles.
    5. Not enough blood when enemies are killed.

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    2.NPC AI










    PLEASE !!
    Give option to disable slow motion
    I just like blood money style
    I don't need this at all !!
    I wanna natural speed, fast shot

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