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Thread: Top 5 Good, Top 5 Bad

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    1. Feels like Hitman once again
    2. Theme is not too serious or goofy, just right in the middle
    3. NPCs act very human
    4. Love the over the shoulder aiming, looks very good
    5. AI at times actually fools me


    1. No human shields? Seriously?
    2. Lack of blood
    3. No camera zoom control options, would like a fixed camera unlike outdoors zoom out.
    4. Aiming is a bit janky, doesn't feel smooth and responsive enough.
    5. No hideout for 47? IOI never confirmed it - it's a shame.

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    Top 5 Good:
    1. Graphics
    2. Menu system is easy to navigate and I like the pop-ups in the right corner of the screen when you've completed a challenge
    3. Music adds to the immersion
    4. NPC reaction and dialogue fits the situation (if someone is poisoned they comment on how they look sick and move out of the way). The NPC dialogue is funny to listen to too.
    5. Challenges are a blast to complete (when they aren't being finicky)

    Top 5 Bad:
    1. Cinematic scenes stutter when loading
    2. Connection to server is hit-and-miss (this only happened on the first day but I was having to go back and complete challenges three and four times and hope that the connection would stick through the loading screen after I completed the mission). It would be helpful if there was a notification that the connection was lost so I wasn't wasting time
    3. Some animations are a bit clunky. Like when dumping a body, it will clip through 47 before it's lowered into the dumpster. And when I dropped a gun on the ground it bounced a few times before finally falling over.
    4. Opportunities lead the player too much and when they are disabled completely there are still icons on the map showing where they are and notifications that an opportunity is revealing when listening to NPC dialogue.
    5. Persons of interest voice over mixing doesn't always match. The KGB Commander would suddenly have an American accent if he talked in an out-of-character situation such as walking by him or distracting him.

    Overall the Beta was great and I'm really looking forward to playing this next month when it's released!

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    Top 5 Good
    1. The great story.
    2. The many ways to kill targets.
    3. Music, graphics, and animations (hand to hand combat looks amazing!)
    4. The great level design that allowed multiple ways to sneak around.
    5. Also, the level design made it so I hardly waited for the target to come to a kill I set up while in other games it took forever for the target to come under a stage light.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Frame rate drops.
    2. Sometimes the garroting looked strange.
    3. No mission rating.
    4. Being forced to watch the cutscene after the mission.
    5. Some challenges I completed were not saved.

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    Top 5 Good

    1. Classic Hitman vibe has returned.

    2. Return of concealing pistols behind your back from NPC's.

    3. Nice movement overall, especially crouch, fence climbing and jumping through windows - I never like crouch movement in most games it doesn't look right to me, but this time 47's looks spot on IMO.

    4. Drowning.

    5. Disguise system.

    Top 5 Bad

    1. I love over the shoulder aim, but I don't love that its the only viable aim, as 'hip fire' seems to have such bad accuracy it seems almost useless. I'd love to have a 3rd person cross hair as a secondary option for aiming, like blood money, as the 3rd person cross hair combined really well with the concealing pistol behind your back mechanic for swift attacks.

    2. Guards don't seem to be very attentive outside of quite a short range - for example, on the boat mission I shot the three guards to my left, although none had time to let off a shot themselves, one did start shouting for back up and that they were under attack, but the guards by the boat ramp, not that far away paid no attention to any of it and had no reaction.

    3. Concealing weapon behind your back happens far too late for it to work as an approach towards an NPC head on with your pistol drawn, although maybe its possible the function for this may be more for if someone unsuspectingly walks around a corner and you have your weapon drawn you can quickly conceal it automatically and not blow your cover, though I haven't tried that out yet.

    4. Some of the talking NPC's I couldn't hear anything they said over ambient noises, like the policeman on the boat. Also as it's volume related, no sliders for the sound settings, voices, music, fx etc, need some settings for those.

    5. I didn't particularly like the running commentary on my every move that appeared in the top right corner of the screen, and the fact I couldn't remove all HUD elements.

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    Top 5 Good
    1.Disguise system much improved
    2.Realistic damage done to NPC’s = They’re No longer bullet sponges
    3.Fake Surrender ability - Human Shield would work well with this move
    4.Melee and Quick Takedown abilities
    5.Throwing items/weapons for knockout

    Top 5 Bad
    1.Weapon selection interface outdated – needs quick selection ability using D-pad
    2.Aiming feels sluggish & slow motion effect awful
    3.Garroting not as smooth & takedown animations for it not as varied unlike previous titles
    4.Camera too distant although holding L2 zooms over shoulder and zeros in on NPC chatter
    5.AI awareness not as solid as in previous titles Example – ignoring blood stains

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    1. 47 is back! And he's such a badass!
    2. Level Design for the 2 missions was great with many ways.
    3. Opportunities feature in a certain measure but without being present to trigger events etc would be faaar better.
    4. Some great stylish animations.
    5. Dialogues, fun and great about reactions etc.


    1. Lots of animations missing (opening doors and closing, hiding bodies starting sequence missing) and lots not synched properly (walking stairs, fiber wire etc) Need extra micro polish on every animation. Hitman doesn't blink? Lol please keep all the previous great animations and improve them while adding new at the same time. No human shield? No holstering/unholstering animations? Rifles sticking on the back isn't the way to go. Something realistically credible is needed.

    2. Opportunities triggered by our forced presence and not free. It shouldn't rely on us in a mandatory manner to contain targets in a certain area blocking their routines but they should live their lives wether we're hete or not.

    3. IA for enforcers when 47 disguised turns his back the raise meter is a bit too fast. Sometimes npcs will continue their conversation while the other left. Paused inventory should be replaced by on the fly one.

    4. Too much clones with the same faces and npcs sliding on the ground when pushed away while walking in the crowd. Crowd reaction no picking guns to defend themselves sometimes. They die too fast when strangulated.

    5. Glitches! I hate glitches lol wether they are collision bugs or IA related. And also fighting QTE please replace them by something not jailing us.

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Sandbox
    2. Opportunities System
    3. AI behavior and commentary
    4. Disguise System
    5. Save System
    Top 5 Bad
    1. Cutscenes glitching while the game loads. It happen a lot.
    2. Dead bodies glitching when being dragged.
    3. It feels dump the guard talk radio with its central and central dont check what he found.
    4. I dont like that when i did the Sweeping snos in siberia challenge, only the guard at the stair hear the shots, come on its an assault rifle at leat the entire base should hear it.
    5. I had a lot of problem with Death by Proxy Challenge, sometimes if the guards were talking when they arrived the event does not triggers, or sometimes Jasper does not check the projector, and if a read the radio letter in the same room, veronica's explanation dont triggers correctly and the talk button (triangle) does not work, and the time that i finally did it, Jasper was not investigating the projector, i dont know how he died and death by proxy challenge was done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis_IO View Post
    Please share your Top 5 good experiences and your top 5 bad experiences.
    This helps us to get balanced feedback on the game.

    Copy and paste the below into your post to make it easy.

    Top 5 Good
    1. Original Voice Actor
    2. Feels Like Blood Money
    3. Agent 47s Walk Animation
    4. Background Music (Hopefully Jesper Kyd)
    5. Variety Of Ways To Assassinate The Target.
    6. Disguise System

    Top 5 Bad
    1. 47s Fiber Wire (Nothing New, Bugs, /Same Animation as Absolution)
    2. No Sound Effect For Snapping Necks??
    3. No Option To Change Crosshairs To Small White Dot
    4. Wheres Agent 47s Silver Ballers?
    5. The Crowbar, Wrench, ect. Only Knockout?? Doesn't crack skulls??
    6. Graphics Need More Polishing
    7. Headshots Not As Satisfying As In Absolution
    8. No Option To Turn Off Slow Motion Headshots??
    9. Guns Don't Sound Right
    10. Unrealistic Wounds, Needs More Blood/Bullet Holes
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    1. Open-ended level design
    2. Disguise and detection mechanic superior to Absolution
    3. Save anywhere
    4. Eavesdropping mechanic has a lot of potential
    5. The second level had an interesting layout that allowed for various courses of action


    1. The AI is abysmal and as a result the levels feel dead
    2. The shooting does not feel satisfying
    3. The levels provided in the beta are drab and there are too few interactive items
    4. The blood does not behave as realistically as in previous Hitman games
    5. Missing / janky animations

    I'm shocked by the overall positive response on here. I am a huge fan of Hitman, which is why I pre-ordered in the face of a lot of skeptical press coverage. I know it won't happen but this game should really be delayed further.

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    Top 5 Good
    1.New Face
    2.Disguise systeme
    3.Sounds effects ( footstep, gun carrying )
    4.Agility ( hitman moves are smooth, doing the final test in suit only really feel like if I was Sam Fisher. The fact that this is totally optional make this level even better )
    5.Graphic ( light on the dark street, water on street, the texture of the clothes. Simply breathtaking )

    The black Silverballer ( and the fact that we only got one, I imagine that we can buy the second one ). I'm not quit sur about it, it look cool but it kinda kill the emblematic symbol of it. I put it in neutral cause I will get the requiem pack for pre-ordered the game, but it should have come silver with an optional black. I just think that the silver one are more classy :

    Top 5 Bad
    1.No rating title ( kind of kill a little bit the replayability )
    2.Conversation and opportunity activate only when your are close, should be on time delay like Blood Money. Having to run to catch an opportunity kind of make a thrilling feeling.
    3.The aiming feel heavy
    4.When an holster make part of a disguise, it stay empty even if I have the gun ( an I noticed that even the cops don't seem to have their gun in it...? )
    5.Some challenge are in double. Silent assassin and Silent assassin suit only. When I did the Silent assassin suit only, the normal silent assassin haven't show has done... Plus the challenge menu feel a little bit spoily

    There is the animation of Hiding a body where we totally skip the part where we take the body from the grounds. And the garrote animation that is terrible ( hands and even 47 completely of target, yeah I know it's a beta )

    But overall it really seem like a good Hitman game!!

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Graphics
    2. Weapon select menu & Map
    3. blending in
    4. over the shoulder camera switching
    5. Environment Kills

    Top 5 Bad
    1. 47 walks like a janitor, where's the cool, clam, composed swagger that says nothing can stop me ?
    2. AI Reactions
    3. That awful noise thats made when your raising suspicion, HATED it in Absolution HATE it now. Scrap that plz we dont need it.
    4. Button promps make the game cheesy, child friendly and gives off a feeling of being dumbed down.
    5. Mission Loctions should not be dictated to by the direction of the story

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    Top 5 good:

    1. Sandbox missions
    2. Manual saves
    3. Weapon wheel
    4. Better disguise system than Absolution
    5. I don't care about graphics that much but they are nice in this game

    Top 5+ bad:

    1. Weapons magnetizing to Agent 47's back
    2. Weapons disappearing from his hand
    3. Can no longer use human shield
    4. There's no first person option
    5. The music is too generic. Jesper Kyd needs to return.
    6. There needs to be a hideout for Agent 47 like in the previous games.
    7. Vivienne McKee should return as the voice of Diana.
    8. You should also be able to break generators instead of only switching them off.
    9. There needs to be a way to turn off that Absolution "swoosh" suspicion sound in the settings. There needs to be a suspicion bar instead.
    10. I hate the whole concept of having to be more careful around people with a dot over their head. If you disable the dot, then there's no way to know who the enforcer is.
    11. There needs to be a mission rating screen after you complete a mission.
    12. There needs to be a way to go in the settings and change it so the objectives aren't always showing in the top left corner throughout the mission.
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    Top 5 Good
    1. Disguise system completely fixed (and fun)
    2. Casual features can be disabled
    3. Freedom is back and it's fun as hell
    4. Assassination is back at the game core (most missions in absolution were not even about killing targets!)
    5. Looks good enough (don't need Uncharted 4 graphics level to enjoy the game)

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Events that require 47's presence to trigger (I prefer to observe and time my actions from a distance)
    2. NPC icon option can be disabled but then the game is not playable (how to know who is an enforcer?)
    3. Challenges/Feats are huge spoilers!!!!! (especially the images)
    4. Music is not present enough and not really inspired (in Blood Money it was really awesome)
    5. Crowd AI doesn't make sense (start a massive killing, people continue to party!)
    5'. No mission rating?!!! Please tell me it's just for the prologue/beta
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    [QUOTE=llliilliilll;2198525]Magnetizing is probably due to them getting rid of the magic pockets crap they did in previous entries. In earlier games, carrying a heavy weapon was incredibly dangerous. Especially if it didn't fit the disguise etc.[/QUOTE

    I agree with you, but I would have prefered Agent 47 holding weapons that he couldn't hide in his pockets. Magnetization lacks of realism and I find it pretty stupid. As I find stupid the lack of a good holster animation.

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    Top good 5:
    1-environment is amazing
    2-level design is brilliant
    3-a lot of optional disguises
    4-challenges are good
    5- details on 47 and NPC (Need more facial details)

    top bad 5:
    1-ragdoll animation after the kill is silly and unrealistic
    2-no hiding weapon animation
    3-no first person which give the player the feeling that they are agent 47
    4-no suitcase that hide snipers and assault rifles
    5-agent 47 look is very young compare to absolution

    I would be very happy to see more improvement in weapon details and the return of the first person from previous hitman games

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    Top 5 Good
    1. I'm a noob to Hitman and in fact gaming in general (I'm nearly 50, and have been PS4ing only for about a year-and-a-half now), so I appreciated the Instinct mode and the Opportunity hints around the place. And, also, the option to turn all that off later once I'd got the hang of it.
    2. Manual saves - big plus for a noob. And I suspect very useful to avoid the "start at the beginning" frustration once the bigger levels arrive.
    3. I liked the feel of the world, with the open-ended level design, and letting us choose the direction and method of the kill. (Some great kill options you guys came up with ... very funny ejector seat. And toilet drowning. Ha!)
    4. Disguises are great: the options to change to get through to next section easier, or go another way, and even change again to get out is fun.
    5. Well, this is pretty cheesy, but I really like the swelling music as you smugly wander off to hit the pad thingy and complete the mission. Makes me feel very 007 ... er, 47, sorry.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. The graphics/animations (for hiding/dragging bodies, changing gear, garrotte), might need a little more polish, but I suspect that's a beta thing.
    2. The screen for choosing weapon/item was a bit clunky, but I expect that'd be prettied up for the actual game, and will be more immersive.
    3. I think the menu screens were a little busy and confusing. I mean, it worked, but it could be presented in a user-friendlier manner.
    4. Bit of stuttering in the more densely populated areas (e.g., back of boat); again, probably a beta thing.
    5. Wouldn't mind a way to leave a door open, instead of auto-closing all the time.

    Minor quibbles. Very glad I ordered early - keen for March 11 to roll around, and to play in the "big" level - and enjoyed playing all weekend, and really had fun being part of the beta.

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    1 . - It feels like a return to Hitmans roots.
    2. - The disguise system has been fixed, and massively improved. It's perfect.
    3. - No more checkpoints, and a return to the save system.
    4. - Graphics are great
    5. - 47 movements feel improved


    1. Not enough blood, no blood trails or splatters. Blood pools don't even appear after most of the kills.
    2. The kill animations feel severely limited, really breaks immersion. The fibre wire animation is especially disappointing.
    3. The slow motion and sound effects after headshots and shooting kills, really annoying. Please remove this or give an option to.
    4. Opportunities and Challenges give too much away - I prefer the old style of discovering the different ways to kill by myself.
    5. No animation of putting away weapons : Weapons just disappear from 47's hand. This really breaks any immersion.


    1. Once again, not enough blood. This plays a big role in a game where killing is the main purpose. No blood splatters or trails, barely and blood pools in the game either. The smoke effects need to be removed, it's like shooting cement bags.
    2. Performance - My framerate drops in crowds on a high end PC, I hope this is improved in the main game.
    3. Too easy so far.
    4. Again, Opportunities and instinct. - Ruins the discovery of the game.
    5. -Enemies don't react to the few blood pools that do appear.

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    1. Graphics
    2. AI is better
    3. Customizable HUD
    4. Open levels
    5. Better disguise system than Absolution


    1. No light switches. Why why why?
    2. No keyhole peeking? Really?
    3. No human shield?
    4. Bad optimization
    5. No reward of NOT using the stupid Instinct mode

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Played two hours already for the first small area level, nostalgiac feeling is back! Plays like a Hitman game
    2. Disguise system is much better now
    3. The map is back
    4. Need to turn on focus is much smaller
    5. Npc`s dialogue change when you have a different disguise

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Everything is too white. I like the presentation in previous games better
    2. Please give us back a rating on the end of each mission !
    3. When you garotte someone it is often glitched (never had that problem in Absolution i think...)
    4. Little problems like two same dudes talking to eachother and a floating arm bracelet
    5. Environment graphics could be better

    (6). I don't use the challenges, please don't put them all in the main game. I suppose you wont because that would destroy the purpose of creating an episodic game where players can feedback to eachother and show them their kills and tactics

    (7). A lot more blood is always welcome + horrific crack sound when you snap the neck of someone

    All in all, great beta, looking forward to the first big level

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Not every NPC can see through your disguise, only some. Made disguises in Absolution feel almost useless without instinct.
    2. Speaking of, the choice to completely turn off instinct! As well as customizing HUD/UI options
    3. Size of the levels
    4. Overall "feel" of the mechanics. It all felt natural and easy.
    5. I adore the new poison system. I was always bugged when you would poison a drink and they would die in 3 seconds. Now it makes sense that they instead get sick and run to the bathroom, which makes for heaps of other options

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Challenges/feats totally give away ways to kill the target. The whole fun part of the series is studying and discovering how!
    2. I feel 47 dies, really fast. Wanted to a little "run n' gun" but they took me down in 3 pistol shots. Yeah it's realistic, but...
    3. Needs a universal timer system instead of the player personally triggering the evens
    4. Like the challenges/feats, "opportunities" gives things away. All they need to do is turn off the little "light bulb" (unless I'm missing something in the HUD options). Let me find those important conversations on my own and reward me with the intel for having the patience to listen; then decipher the intel myself (i.e., don't have the game telling me "okay go get a mechanics suit...okay, go get a wrench...okay mess with this...etc"
    5. Now seeing it in some other posts; yeah, what's the point of having to pick the lock pick after the "pick lock" prompt?

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    Top 5 Good
    1. new disguise system
    2. no in your face plot like Absolution
    3. coins,flushing heads, escorted out , & options in gameplay UI
    4. music
    5. being able to leave weapons for guards to find

    Top 5 Bad
    1.NPC conversations and schedules/events seem to be entirely dependent on you witnessing them, rather than constantly happening and being something you discover and work around (this is a HUGE flaw and almost breaks the entire game) I borrowed this from another post. It's the MOST IMPORTANT thing that needs to be looked at
    2. same CHEF voice actor on nearly every character
    3. no human shield? sometimes it's the only way out of a tough spot, put it back in the game pronto
    4. Inventory wheel should not stop the game
    5. SEE #1
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    Top 5 Good
    1. A nice return to gameplay we saw almost 10 years ago
    2. Nice to see 47 isn't a tank and is more fragile like in Codename 47
    3. Detonating a fire extinguisher and killing like 10 people to get the target was magical
    4. I'm glad that the cover system isnt actually a necessary stealth requirement
    5. Nice graphics and animations, aside from no animation for putting items back in your outfit but otherwise I love the animations and graphics.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. I fired into a crowd of civilians, Im pretty sure they were crowd npc's because they werent on instinct view, their bodies would freeze sometimes and wouldn't ragdoll, some were having bullets pass right through them, and I dont recall being able to drag them either. Granted that last one is a minor gripe because I doubt you'd ever be in a situation where crowd npc's are dead and the mission isn't already a lost cause in terms of stealth.
    2. Opportunity or feat based things like drinking, meetings, dialogue should all be time based and not based on you doing something special or proximity.
    3. All of the more structured opportunities/assassination methods/feats whatever they're called that tell you "kill this guy by doing this" should be hidden in the challenge menu. While I know I could just not check it, I still think that they should be hidden by default enticing players to explore the level and figure out what everything does themselves instead of just checking the menu to see what assassination they have to check off next. Also the opportunity showing option that guides you on what to do should default to minimum just so you get the hints but not a straight up guide.
    4. AI needs some fixing. In the Final Test, I was able to just casually stroll about the building in the default uniform and I only got spotted by 3 people. Only 1 of them actually followed me around the building for any decent amount of time, and despite the rifle on his back he never pulled it out until maybe 20-30 seconds after he started following me. Its most notable during combat, but the AI has a lot of trouble actually seeing me. AI also either has a small area where they can actually hear gunshots, or they just don't follow the sound properly/at all because Ive only seen guards follow the sounds of gunshots on the training yacht maybe 3 times. Finally the AI doesn't notice pools of blood which I find kinda dumb.
    5. Instinct radius needs to be chopped down hard. I like it as a substitute for constantly checking the previously omniscient map, or peeking through keyholes so I don't mean I hate instinct end of story, but its too strong. I feel the range at which you see npc's needs to be cut down to 50-60% of what it is now. Not only is seeing so many people too strong but it can also be a bit of an annoyance seeing a lot of people in the distance that serve no purpose to what you're currently doing.
    6. I know this is one above but I just wanted to say, and this might be wishful thinking this late in development but I hope to see overlapping controls and/or the old contextual list of actions from the first 4 games because I dont like having to walk in circles for a few seconds trying to find the right action when they get clustered. This has, and almost has screwed me more than a few times and this could actually result in problems in Elusive Targets in the full game.

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    Top 5 Bad:
    1. some technical issues
    2. Lack of ability to take human shield (defeats purpose of surrendering)
    3. MAJOR Scripting, for more go to
    where we explain in detail

    Top 5 Good:
    1. Everything thus far except mentioned above

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Freedom within the levels
    2. Amount of options within the levels
    3. Detail within the levels and characters
    4. Easy and understandbale UI

    Top 5 Bad
    1. FOV can be really bad in doors at times
    2. 1 action per key (should be allowed multiple, eg E to vault but also to change outfit)
    3. Better shortcuts (M for map -- have to press f1 then click to get to the map)
    4. Cant select equipment via numbers on pc
    5. No weapon attributes (1st peson is gone like in hitman blood money and cannot human shield)

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    I've kept much to the template provided but I've added "Top 3 Suggestions" of improvements I'd personally like to see. I hope this is useful!

    Top 5 Good
    1. The disguise system works much better. It's well balanced between Blood Money and Absolution. I don't really have any suggestions for improvement other than continuing to watch out who gets to be an observant character.
    2. Instead of a linear game we're back to exploring the environment and finding out all of the various ways you can approach an area.
    3. The game runs quite smoothly. Even Alt-Tab works properly without causing delays or other issues.
    4. I brutally murdered everyone in the Final Test and Diana's still willing to take responsibility.
    5. The ability to selectively enable and disable features to make the game more difficult.

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Scripted events require the player to activate them instead of activating on their own.
    2. The map size is small, but this could be a result of this being training missions rather than a full location like Paris.
    3. AI seems to be more focused on killing the intruder than with protecting any would-be targets. In the Final Test I murdered everyone but the easiest kill was the target and the lt. colonel who were left completely unprotected.
    4. Dialogue sometimes repeats. In the Final Test mission when you've delivered the slides, the lt. colonel mentions this to Knight multiple times.
    5. Use of the coin as a distraction should work on guard-type characters but not on everyone.

    Top 3 Suggestions
    1. Reuse the same map but at different times of day with different targets. It would be interesting to infiltrate an area in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. And you could add 4 targets to a single map very easily.
    2. Have the AI focus on defending would-be targets and waiting for backup over blindly running toward the source of gunfire. If it's possible to make this change in the short time we've got: the AI should try to surround the player's position and cover the various exits instead of charging in. The effect is that the game becomes less of a shoot-em-up and the player has a choice to make on which exit would be the best to push through.
    3. As an alternative to using the coin if you dress up in an appropriate uniform you should be able to entice characters to follow you. For example, dressing up as a police officer and then talking to Norfolk should get him to follow you. But throwing a coin should not cause Norfolk to care too much about it, since he's not tasked with guarding the place but has his own agenda.

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