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Thread: [DISCUSSION] Opportunities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paws47 View Post

    Like within the first 10 seconds of the Final Test I knew I was going to get the target by rigging the jet in some way, not satisfying at all
    It's like wrapping a gift inside a transparent glass box for a surprise.

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    Not a huge fan of the opportunities.
    It spoils too much, and there's no way to fully disable them.
    Even with the options off there are still opportunites markers on the map.

    Also I don't like how in the final test I was forced to be spoiled by the first opportunity dialog.
    The game forces you to climb the fence to start the level, and then the dialog between the mechanics tells you about the jet kill.
    I don't like the triggered dialog and I would have prefered discovering the possibility on my own.

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    As a Hitman fan I'm going to be turning off opportunites completely. It removes any discovery from the game for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis_IO View Post
    give you guidance.
    I don't want guidance. This game was supposed to not have guidance. I want to use my own brains like in old Hitman games. FFS

    Where is difficulty level selection, and proper HC mode that gets rid of this laughable crap?

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    No more of the triggered events. PLEASE NO. It takes so much away from the Hitman formula. Literally love everything else. Everything needs to be on a timer, not waiting for 47 to walk in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shredsss View Post
    I don't want guidance. This game was supposed to not have guidance. I want to use my own brains like in old Hitman games. FFS
    I just hope they can fix this in time before the game launches.

    It seems like all the pieces are in place, they just need to create a clockwork movement of NPCs.

    Question is... would that be difficult to do?

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    IO, please remove the triggered events, it's really annoying to have to walk to where an enemy is to trigger a conversation and get them to move.

    Please change this before release if nothing else.

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    I've just seen this suggestion in another post too, which I've replied to. Events should ideally work on a timer, unless the event requires set-up.

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    I'd suggest having opportunities begin on timers when the player has them set to "off" in the options menu. Also hide the "opportunity revealing" popup when they're turned off too. Otherwise they're a pretty great feature for newer players.

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    I'd suggest to get ride of scripts who only happens when you are close to the target . It's actually ruining the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tristounet View Post
    I'd suggest to get ride of scripts who only happens when you are close to the target . It's actually ruining the game.
    I think it's an exaggeration to say it's ruining the game but it would be nice to be able to choose timed events instead, yes.

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    The opportunity system is way too handholdy, it gives you immediate solutions even though it doesn't always point you to your actual goal. The opportunity floating window also cannot be disabled. It's the same deal as with the challenges, they spoil things. I had way more fun running around the level and figuring out things for myself, although maybe some things should give you enough information without the additional intel from Diana (like the radio room in The Final Test). It's a nice feeling to figure stuff out yourself and since Hitman is a puzzle game as much as a stealth game, not trusting your players with solving the problems you present them with might hurt the experience. Absolution's challenges descriptions were vague enough to make you think a little bit. They also didn't have pictures literally showing you the spot you have to stand at to complete the challenge.

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    I have the opportunities disabled in the gameplay options, but it's still annyoing when I'm approaching some dudes talking and the screen "OPPORTUNITY REVEALED" pops up instantly.
    When I have the opportunities system disabled no screen should pop up, so that I can only focus on dialogues and figure things out by myself.

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    Let me first mention that, I had an ABSOLUTE Blast!!!. I loved that when I hooked up my controller to the PC, the game recognized it and swapped out the button mapping. It felt like I found a hidden Xbox 1 version within the PC. Despite the outdated gaming computer (which i am associating with the low quality), I was very pleased with the beta. I would agree with the overall voice of the whole, being that triggers would be nice for causal players and beginners, I feel that looping and letting it free flow would essentially allow me to learn their patterns, and appropriately hunt my prey. I will also agree that In most cases, the Opportunities gave too much info (in the menu) and made it feel more like a check list. The misnomer being the slide projection murder & the KGB set up for the slide projection murder. Turns out every time I tried to learn about the opportunity, I had a glitch that would seemingly interrupt the trigger. Now that I mention it several times when I saved near a trigger (whether before or after i don't know) it would disable the trigger completely. The only alternative is to improvise and throw a coin, cause being in the bath room (unable to use a disguise) or KILL anyone (except the target) was INTERESTING when the trigger wouldn't react.

    Fun Times!!!

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    I like the idea of hinting at different methods of taking someone out. Personally I think it gives even more reason to come back and play a level again just to see if there's another way to killing your target. The only nitpick I have is that scripted events must be triggered rather that following a certain loop. This makes the game kinda predictable and it would be a lot more rewarding if you just happened to be in the right place at the right time to overhear somebodies conversation.

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    As you have probably seen. Many people including me were posting about these Opportunities. I, and as well as many others, have one HUGE complaint about them: They are, heavily, scripted. Meaning once you find one opportunity and decide to go with it the target will automatically either appear there or it will cancel his routines and proceed to its doom.
    They must be on a timer meaning an opportunity like dropping specific Chandelier (Like on Paris alpha mission) be on timer. Meaning if you can't find it in time you will have to look for other ways to kill.
    I see one little positive side in this new mechanic. It is that once you ready to pull of this event Target will almost instantly appear there. However, don't do it. Let us prepare one trap and go and explore other opportunities something like plan B.
    Please IOI be careful with these.

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