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Thread: [DISCUSSION] Animations

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    Also, the lack of kill animations is disappointing for me, as it plays such a big role in the gameplay.

    I hope more animations are added in the full game in the future.

    It really breaks immersion when 47 does the exact same kill animation every time he uses a certain weapon.

    In the older games, many weapons had different kill animations.

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    Facial Animations for incapacitated npc's. If one is unconscious or dead, they should "maintain" their "injured" animation, not jump back to a blank default. At least close their eyes. No blank faces, it breaks immersion. Other than that, everything else in terms of animation is "going" in a wonderful direction.

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    Hello there i did notice and it bugs me so much that the animation for equipping weapons is unfinished or to be more accurate not there at all the weapons just teleport from either my imaginary pockets to my hands or from my back to my hands and the same goes for the rest of the gear, like he reaches for them but it looks lame... is that cause its just beta version-early one or the animations are not finished or you intent to teleport weapons into our hands?
    Cause it seriously bugs my immersion whenever im changing my gear pistols, bombs, lock picks, etc...
    The problem in my opinion is that the animations of weapon reaching and equipping are too simple not to mention that pistols and garrote just appear in your hands from thin air since the pockets in jeans should be too small ....

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    what happened to picking up bodies before putting them into containers/closets? Climbing over fence, changing cover, running up & down stairs, falling bodies after being shot look great. A holstering animation would be nice. Honestly looks like a PS2 game.

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    Jimbianco, Keep the criticisms fair. There are certainly fallacies, but it does not look like anything on a PS2. Hopefully the graphical configuration will be right by release, though.
    In regards to the animations, I completely agree. I thought I saw them in a previous gameplay video. I feel as if this beta is more incomplete than expected.

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    Someone made a thread about adding "casual" cover animations, which I think would be a fantastic idea. Animations are pretty solid in general, love the takedowns in particular.

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    The way 47 moves is perfect. Most of the animations are pretty fluent and nice to look at. There were only a couple of bugs with soldiers holding their guns weirdly as they patrol and the occasional bug when moving bodies.

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    Overall I'm happy with the direction the Hitman franchise is headed, returning to the large sandboxes and customization of Blood Money. I was a bit underwhelmed by the Beta but that is to be expected I suppose. One minor detail which has bothered me over the past couple games is the way in which 47 holds his handguns (since they play such an iconic role in shaping his identity). The animations almost always look like a low-tang grip and appear canted at an angle while aiming. In the beta, 47's hand while aiming the 1911 (tactical pistol) appears to be canted slightly downward while the pistol itself appears to be canted slightly upwards. The same is true of the Jagd pistol though a little less so. It is rather awkward looking and for a professional assassin appears remarkably...well, unprofessional. I realize the difficulty in changing this since the point of aim is in the center of the screen while the camera is looking over either shoulder, but it would be nice if the animations for how 47 grips and aims handguns were a little more polished and realistic. It may take as little as angling 47's hand slightly higher on the pistols to give the aiming animation a more balanced, natural look. Amidst the many bugs and mechanics that need addressing, this is a minor detail I suppose. However it would be nice to see 47 portrayed as the professional he's reputed to be and the devil is always in the details.

    Another suggestion I'd like to make (though I'm not sure if it'd be appropriate for this thread) regards the snap shooting i.e. shooting without holding the aim button. At the moment there seems to be little to no use for this due to the absurdly poor accuracy. I'd like to see some additional functionality added for the reaction based shooting by increasing its accuracy and allowing the player to run while shooting. If the animation for the two types of shooting were slightly different as well, that would be a pretty neat addition.

    Thank you all for your hard work and keep it up!
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    First of all: The game is looking quite good and it feels right.
    But there is something that really bugs me. It has been said before in this thread, but the fact, that the whole equipping/unequipping of items is just without any animation totally destroys the atmosphere. It already did so in Absolution (which is a great game nonetheless).

    So please bring back those animations like in the old days.

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