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Thread: [DISCUSSION] In-game menu and HUD

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    Love the UI but I hope there is a better way to cycle through weapons than hitting I each time (PC User). If I try and use my mouse-wheel while in game, it does nothing.

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    Overall I thought it was pretty good, sometime on 4k the text was hard to read. I wish there was a quick inventory select option so you don't have to go out of the game to select a weapon, something like the Witcher 3 radial menu would be good and also a indication to what weapon you currently have selected for when it's holstered. Sometimes also the keys seemed to get messed up when over a body, I kept losing the drag key and had to move around to get it back, make time critical gameplay sometimes annoying.

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    This isn't strictly about UI, but I am touching on that aspect of it as well.

    Auditory player feedback, AKA, the whoosh sound or the SHSHhshshshshSHSh. I disliked it in Absolution and I dislike it here. First of all, I do play with all of the UI elements turned off, because I don't like my screen cluttered. Well, all of them I can turn off, but that's a story for another time. I would still like to receive some sort of feedback when it comes to detection. There is a visual cue – that weird green-blue flash, but it's when the player has already been detected and you can easily miss it. My problem with the whoosh sound is that I can sometimes hardly hear it, especially when I'm either focused on my task (so paying attention to guard pathing, timing things, you know, regular things you do when playing in a stealthy manner) or when it's drowned by music, sound effects, dialogue (which is a problem since you can't change the audio balance in the beta), and even when I'm not using headphones and the sound is coming out of my speakers. Once I hear it, it might be too late. I also don't exactly know how much time I have and it's difficult to pinpoint the source of the danger even though the whoosh sound is sort of directional. What that means is that I end up waving the camera around looking for the guard that is spotting me, but I still might find myself caught before I can do anything about it. And from then it's trial and error to figure out which guys I should avoid. Add to that the new enforcer system and it might become a major problem on bigger levels.

    I'd like a small visual meter on the side of my screen. I personally think a mixture of Blood Money's and Contracts' HUD would be the best. Blood Money had color coding – green for normal, yellow for suspicious, red for danger. Contracts had a bar that you didn't have to pay attention to at all, cause it was literally freaking out in the corner when you needed to know something's up, so it was catching your attention without drawing it away from the action on screen. But I touched on the other UI elements you can't turn off, so…

    The objectives aren't needed on the screen. Same with the last player action. I can easily track that I have to kill a guy, thank you :) And when you add more targets, it'll just clutter the screen. Have this in the briefing screen, I can handle pressing one button when there's something I'm unsure of. Last player action is also something I don't understand. I guess it'll be okay if it faded after a while, but I don't have to know that 5 minutes ago I removed all evidence. I imagine it was meant to be an evolution of the alert system from Codename 47/Silent Assassin/Blood Money, but even those games didn't constantly tell you what you're doing. I know what I'm doing :) Trust me! I would like to see some small status panel though, without it being the huge TRESPASSING text in the middle of the screen. Going back to the old titles – even just „Your cover has been blown” text in the place of the last player action would be lovely.

    The actual menu itself is absolutely beautiful, the design is nice looking, although some of the elements look too big, like designed for a touch screen. Overall I was impressed in how much it fits the atmosphere and the Hitman feel. Probably the menu I liked the most since Contracts' main menu.

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    The launcher could use some work - it sometimes opens in full screen and when I access the settings from there the window that opens appears and disappears a few times before staying open. The settings window is also opening with the steam overlay on it and the "access the steam overlay" popup covers some of the options.

    Edit: When you're in the main menu "Quit game" prompts you for confirmation but when you access the in-game menu, "Quit game" just dumps you straight to desktop without asking.
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    I like the new HUD a lot. It doesn't clutter the screen and it's great, considering that I can turn anything off should I so chose.

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    I really hate the style of having the button appear over the object (especially if the object itself is highlighted, ugh!). I much prefer the older system of contextual button prompts always appearing in the same place, so you only notice if you actually want to interact with something. For example, one thing I found particularly annoying watching footage from the Beta was "SUBDUE" appearing beside everybody you walk by.

    The constant objective reminder is ridiculous, especially compared to the unobtrusive style of the old games.

    If these can all be controlled it'll be a non-issue though, so fingers crossed.

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    suggestion about MAIN MENU in this game

    Not enough spice in this game.
    You could do a central menu level. Some kind a "Nexus", the base from which the 47th is sent on a mission. (without any main menu like this is in all games)
    And to do this as a full-fledged airport base with people. (Which I saw in first trailer of the game)
    Here 47 could sit in the cafe, take coffee and use notebook, which is contacted with the agency.
    Well, after you select a mission running to landing on a plane.

    Something similar happened in the previous parts, which was the main base.
    On which you can practice shooting and see the collection of weapons.
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