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Thread: Technical Issues (Not for bugs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by radioteque View Post
    I think the beta ended early this morning (5 am EST)
    Oh... is that how betas usually work? Never played one before... like here, play this but only for 3 days? And we stalled your download until 2:30pm so more like 2? Ahww.

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    I was not able to link my SE account I tried quite a few times, I could login here but the game had an issue trying to link my account for some reason.
    It gave me the default error when attempting even if I entered everything correctly.

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    Not sure about the challenge completion issue but I did experience a critical issue where when disguised as terry Norfolk and talk to ritter out on the boat deck and follow him to the meeting room Calvin Ritter just abruptly stops and turns around and leaves without going into the meeting room and setting up the assassination. Another time we went into the meeting room and calvin went to the computer, didn't say anything and walked out. I did nothing suspicious and had no weapon equipped while disguised as Norfolk.

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    PC Version technical issue

    Problem with two monitors featuring different screen resolutions

    My Setup: A notebook (with Full HD Screen, set as secondary in windows) and a UWQHD (3440x1440) plugged in Screen (set as primary in windows)

    when i try to change the display resolution of "Monitor 1 (primary)" (according to the settings menue) i can swap to any screen resolution from 3440x1440 to 1280x720. However when i launch the game it starts on my Laptop (Full HD screen) with black borders because Ultra Widescreen (resolution) != Full HD Screen (physical screen).
    When i choose "Monitor 2" (according to the settings menue) i can swap to any screen resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 (which are the correct resolutions for my second monitor). However when i hit play the game launches on my Ultra wide screen with black borders again, becaus Full HD Screen (resolution) != Ultrawide Screen (physical screen).

    Suggested solution:
    Could you please do some tests on setups with multiple (or at least two) monitors featuring different resolutions and fix this issue untill the launch? Thanks.
    My only option now is to set the windows presentation mode to "second screen only" and launch the game which is inacceptable for an AAA title.

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    I can't kill that white suit guy in the toilet. Always getting HOSTILE. I think it shouldn't be.

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    Game Freezzing after Killing everybody in the final Test and finishing the mission.
    Got the windows Error: Hitman dose not react anymore....

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    Bad optimization, 980 Ti should run this 60 fps on ultra. As it doesn't look any better than let's say Witcher 3, which runs easily 60 fps.

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    I was unable to play the game in 1280x720 resolution; it crashed before the title screen every time. The same happened when I lowered supersampling from the default and tried to start the game. 1920x1080 starts up fine with the default settings, but I am experiencing lots of random crashes during gameplay.

    Windows 10 64-bit
    Intel Core i5 4670K @ 3.80GHz
    8GB 1600MHz RAM
    ATI AMD Radeon R9 280X

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    I have played the BETA. I got all Challenges (Level 2 and 3) done in 3 hours.
    Its a great Game but i have noticed a big hardware problem.
    After 2 hours of gaming i get an ingame message that i should clear my RAM or something like that.

    Here my SPECS:
    Intel I5 4690, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Graphic Asus GTX 980 OC with 4GB
    So these Specs should be enough to run this game.

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    I experienced "an error occured. Verify your game cache."

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    BUG: When a player has multiple monitors the game seems to pick the wrong monitor to run the game on.

    The first thing I did when I ran the beta was go to "settings" and configure my video settings. It correctly identified my 3 monitors, and it also identified my primary monitor (monitor 3). I can also confirm that the 3rd monitor was indeed the primary because it's the only monitor I have with a different screen resolution than the others (which also updated correctly).

    But when I ran the game it opened on my 1st monitor instead. I managed to correct this problem by pressing ALT-Enter twice to go into Windowed mode (which opened on my 3rd monitor) and back to full screen (which stayed on my 3rd monitor). I must say that this worked rather smoothly, there's not a lot of games which pull that off as smoothly as the Hitman BETA did.

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    Only one problem...during the intro there are no subtitles..only in game when it starts.
    Frustrated that I could not understand what was happening or explination why Agent 47 was picked for the organization.

    Also in the first settings screen could not enable subtitles. Once in game I could but then had to quit game and restart to see if I could see subtitles in the opening sequence which wasn't available as noted above.

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    Perhaps this is not categorized as a tech issue.....yet. However i think this game needs optimization before the main releases come out.

    I have a pc spec listed below:
    - Processor: AMD FX 6300 Black Edition Stock speed at 3.0 GHz
    - Graphic card: Radeon Sapphire HD 7870 with 2GB OC edition
    - Memory: 8GB DDR3
    - Storage: HDD 7200 RPM and Samsung SSD Evo 120GB

    The spec listed above are a little bit higher than minimum requirement in steam page, yet it didn't yield a good result.
    Currently i played on the lowest resolution and lowest settings possible to achieve higher fps in game.
    A lot of framedrops plagueing this game, especially in yacht level. When i get close to the crowd or facing to the mirror behind the bartender, the fps drops like crazy.

    Now, I don't request for downgrade or something like that, but when the minimum requirement are struggling on the small map like this then how are we gonna be able to play the main game with optimization level like this ?

    Edit: My average fps around 25 fps. Lower when entering crowded area and even lower when facing mirror. This is happening in yacht level.

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    Haven't even started playing yet, but I have a bug to report. The game detects and forces me to use a controller, even when I have no controller connected. When starting the game the mouse cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen. Moving it jiggles it around a bit, and the button prompts flashes back to keyboard. When in game the camera keeps moving up, making you look down. You can move the camera around, and both the mouse and keyboard works, but it is unplayable due to the heavy drift.
    Mouse does not work in menus, and had to wiggle it around to see what the keyboard buttons was to navigate it.
    EDIT: And when I do connect a controller (Xbox 360 wired) it doesn't actually work.

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    BUG: The game can sometimes crash when using explosives.

    In the first mission (on the fake boat) I threw a remote explosive on the other side of the boat (the side that the target is NOT on) and detonated it. The game immediately crashed to desktop. (I did get a Windows error reporter dialog box.)

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    Performance Problems on well equipped pc

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2640 @ 2.6 - 3.0 GHz
    GPU: 2x Asus Strix Geforce 980 GTX
    HD: OCZ Revodrive 950 (Hitman is installed on that, but ive some other too)
    RAM: 32 GB DDR4

    First let me say sorry for my bad english - not my native language .
    Ive experienced some strange issues playing the hitman-beta - with sli and without sli.

    If i play without sli i got between 20-30 Frames on 3800x2160 (all set to medium, AA off).
    If i play with enabled Sli and all maxed out (except AA) i got between 50 and 70 Frames. But its stuttering as hell, without sli it feels smoother. Iam thinking, thats relating to the unoptimized NVIDIA-driver. Video-sequences are fine on sli.



    Yeah, yeah - my bad.

    I just discovered that there is a new driver out for Hitman Beta. I will just try it and give feedback if that new one helped .


    2nd Update

    Still the same issue with up2date drivers.

    Even tried on a second screen (1440p, on 60, 120 and 144 hz - with and without g-sync)

    On 60-80 Frames it still stutters (without sli) - on 60-120 hz its stuttering less then with 144 hz.
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    Poisoned Ritter with rat poison, then drowned him in the toilet, the quest did not update, even though Ritter is definately dead, and stashed in the locker in the bathroom

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    I think I might have missed the mark with the recent Open Beta for PS4, but I am "not allowed to access the game" when I try to connect online. Playing offline however works.

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    Every time i get indoors everything goes black and i can only see the lights :\ because of this i cannot play the game

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    I am getting blue screen of death on the pc the past couple of days. I tried turning my gpu fan to 100% and its still bsoding me. I have the latest graphics and audio driver. Any help is appreciated

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    I am a huge Hitman fan, but this is crap. I just paid $60 for this game and every time I turn around I am being kicked offline and don't have access to the full game features. How do I get my money back so I can purchase a game I can actually play?

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    Exclamation Offline Issues

    I am a huge Hitman fan and I bought the newest Hitman game through Xbox One for $60 for the full game version but I can't play the full game version because I keep getting booted offline which disables achievements and other game features. So, being frustrated, I look up online to see who else are having these issues and I find an article written by somebody who was having the same issues I am having and the article was written FOUR MONTHS AGO. Clearly this is an issue that isn't going to be fixed. So what I want to know is how I can get my $60 back? It's not right paying for something you don't get. So either fix it or refund me my money.

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    I have many mission successed but my destination are still stucked at 0 xp and level 1.

    Here is a screenshot :

    Steam account : keliah

    Let me know if you need any further information.

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    Yesterday I have completed Elusive Taret #10.
    After I looked through score screen and left it I was disconnected.

    Since then I can't connect to game server.
    Al this time internet connection was fine.
    I disabled antivirus and firewall.
    I even deleted and reinstalled game on steam.
    No effect.

    Has anyone encountered someting similar and how to tackle it?

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