Thread: Perseverance Bugged When Defeating Penance? NO TROPHY

Perseverance Bugged When Defeating Penance? NO TROPHY

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    Perseverance Bugged When Defeating Penance? NO TROPHY

    Hi fellow final fantasy (10) fanatics,

    Tonight, after a grueling 200 hours of grinding (some AFK time I'll admit) I was finally getting close to getting my elusive Platinum Trophy. The only major hurdle was a big monster named Penance. We traded blows for 35 minutes before I finally got him down. I was so excited that I quickly ran to the save sphere and saved my game.

    But upon saving, I realized that I never got my trophy. Nothing.

    No big deal, I will just go fight him again I guess, shouldn't take too long. But I cant, because I've already beaten him he does not spawn again. The last save I have is from 1/9/2016 so I really don't want to go back a month since I had been filling out sphere grids all month.

    A long story short, I now have no trophy, and no Penance to fight. I am beyond demoralized that all of my efforts seem to be for nothing. Has anyone else experienced this before? Is there anything I can do?

    Square Enix, please. I love you more than anything and Final Fantasy X is my favorite game of all time, but please fix your stuff. The game has been out a while, why are there still issues? At this point, I never even want to look at my favorite game of all time because of how sick it makes me. Here's to hoping someone can help me out. Thanks for listening.

    Also I happened to be streaming the fight so you guys can see me take him down and then not get credit:

    Anyone else experienced this? I need some good news!

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    I contacted Square Enix about this issue and they said:

    "We apologize for any problems you experienced obtaining the content. However the issue you are describing is a problem with the Sony Entertainment Network. Please contact Sony for further assistance in how to redownload content obtained through the Sony Entertainment Network. As the Sony Entertainment Network is a separate service, managed by Sony, we cannot provide any assistance for it."

    This doesn't make any sense to me because there shouldn't be anything to redownload. The trophy just didn't pop when it should have. I contacted Sony and to no surprise they essentially said there was nothing they could do and the trophy not popping up is an issue on Square Enix's side (The game itself). I do not have an exact quote because I spoke to them on chat and forgot to save the conversation.

    It looks like an issue that is on Square's end and something that will eventually need to be patched. If they keep ignoring me, I'm not sure what else will be done about it, so a warning to everybody trying to get Platinum, be sure to save your file on a new file before Penance so that when you beat him you dont get screwed and brushed aside by Square.

    If anyone has any more ideas, please let me know. As of now I am not hopeful.