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Thread: Life is Strange Limited Edition out now in North America!

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    Exclamation Life is Strange Limited Edition out now in North America!

    The big day finally dawns… the Limited Edition of Life is Strange is out now in North America on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

    It's been almost a year since we first released Episode 1: Chrysalis, to the world. From day one we were able to see what a special game we had in our hands and the trust the community put in us to get it right, but we never imagined just what an impact it would actually have. It was staggering to see Life is Strange garner over 75 Game of the Year awards and listings as well as a host of more specialist awards including best character (Chloe), best soundtrack, best performance (Ashly Burch) and many more.

    The physical offerings of the Limited Edition include an artbook, the full soundtrack to Life is Strange and the game itself on disc. Additionally, we're today releasing patches that will unlock the extra subtitles (Spanish (Mexican & Castilian), Brazilian-Portuguese, Portuguese, German and Italian) as well as the Directors' Commentary to all digital edition owners. Given the Limited Edition's rarity, these were two features that we felt the entire community deserved to receive. On top of this, today's patch also includes further polish and minor improvements to all episodes and some bug fixes.

    While the Directors' Commentary will be a free download for everyone, it will only become available to PlayStation and Xbox 360 gamers on the 25th of January. Xbox One and PC owners can already search the relevant Life is Strange store pages now to download it.

    From what we've seen on the Life is Strange social channels, many of you will be picking up Life is Strange for the second time today, having previously downloaded each episode individually. Others will be picking up the game for the very first time to see what the fuss is all about. However much time you've previously invested in to Life is Strange, we wanted to thank you for the all the support you've given us in whatever form - without it, Life is Strange wouldn't be what it is today.
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    I was super excited to grab mine out of the mail box Tuesday morning only to find *gasp* nothing! USPS decided not to deliver it on schedule and wouldn't let me come get it myself! Hella.Lame. I'm coping with the extended suspense as well as can be expected...not great...

    P.S. Please PLEASE consider making that Vinyl Soundtrack more "get-able" by the huge E6-sized Fan-Tornado out there which I'm proud to be swirling around in! I need that LP!

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    Still have to wait 2 more days until it's released in my country (and it's already sold out at I just hope I will get it on release day and Amazon doesn't delay my preorder.

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