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Thread: Will there be a DRM free version of TR(2013)

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    Will there be a DRM free version of TR(2013)

    I've noticed and just Bought TR-Underworld DRM free from the SQuare-ENix store. I'll be getting Legend and Anniversary at a later date to add to my DRM-Free collection (having already go everything else via GoG).

    Will you guys be releasing TR(2013) DRM free?
    I'm guessing the multiplayer side may need to be stripped, but thats not an issue for me.

    I Already own it on Steam, but I'm doing everything I can to stop using the service.

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    Any chance of some kind of Answer from someone from Square-Enix?

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    Come on guys its 5 years old. Its safe to put it on GoG now.

    If Bethesda can start to release their back catalogue, so can you.

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