Any of you guys read this forum? Anyways we play BSM every day and get a lot of great matches. We use 2 XBOX setups side by side so usually you'll see ThreeBroShow and also Dawgy007 formerly MesonicMule. There Bros and our grandpa switch off at the controls on our end.

We lose a bit more than we win but that's OK.

Jjwb66, sweatyshaniqua, lordblackfire, lcpl gregory, haydnjw, bloodbullet1966, xboxguy172, thetipsyturtle, spuno980, and others.

Great show and thanks for all the matches.

We play BSP too just like BSM better. If you need a good match look for our server. We always finish matches, even though we sometimes "friendly kick" people at the start to get you to join the "other side".