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Treasure of the Lost

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    Treasure of the Lost

    I wanted to ask if someone opened in the last couple of days some of these chests (with a 400 runestones Key).
    And what you got...

    So far I opened in the last 3-5 days 4 Treasure of the Lost and got 4 times 50% gold booster...
    Am I rly rly rly unlucky or is something wrong with these treasures ? xD
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    U lucky, im getting only arcane/ uncany shet from chests

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    Pretty sure it's just weird RNG coincidence.
    I've gotten xp boosters from mine, it wasn't in the past few days but it was the Lost chest.

    +gold isn't that bad if you like to craft.

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    Unlucky? No. The chests are just a waste. You'll just get the same stuff you get free daily anyway.

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    honestly the chests are a giant waste.

    nosgoth players mostly want new skins (im not going to bring up all the bug fixes etc) when it comes to goodies like that stuff. WHY on earth theyd have special skins in chests and then make it a random draw is the dumbest thing ive seen in a game so far.

    they really should just make the skins a few extra runestones and sell them as a separate thing like all the other skins. I put down 30 bucks once just for chests and I actually lucked out getting the exalted Alch and scout (twice) but besides that all the other times its been just random crap weapons that I have better versions of or daily rewards that I normally get.

    they really need to rethink the chests. all of them.

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    Your unlucky. Its RNG. If you want skins then you can only get them from the exalted chest which needs no key to open but costs 1000 runes. I've only gotten one skin out of like 40 exalted chests and thats the vanguard one. I have almost all of the season 1 weapons and some from season two.
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    Originally Posted by calypso-694
    I have to agree with this. I've already suggested not to buy keys for those boxes, 400 stones is too much and I strongly suggest protesting with your wallet. When I get those chests I just throw them away.
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    To say the truth the exalted chests too are bugged, in this last month and half I buy more or less 80 chests and 0 SKINS, but earlier they drop skins quite easly (I have all Marked skin (exept for Melchiahim) and some dubles and the Exalted Hunter skin)