Thread: Future things?

Future things?

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    Future things?

    Ok, now you released all elite, evolved skins, the ping is released, the Nest is nearly complete, ecc...
    Now, the next features will be the trade systems, Rahabim class and another Human class please? Now you don't have more excuse for not add this things, ALL fans want them...

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    My kingdom for a trade system and a Dark Chronicle.

    Mind, it is a tiny kingdom. It is also a tiny request.

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    My hopes are on the new classes and more maps.

    But if I had to prioritize anything I'd say more maps. The more variety we could get in that, the better. We are good for classes and skins right now and while I definitely want Rahabim and a new human class, I'd still want more maps first.
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    More maps to keep the fire going in my opinion, once they sorted that out then they should get to new classes and maybe... just maybe new skills for those that are a little short on them still.