I don't think this is supposed to work like it is. There are places that I try to climb that don't work. I know some places are silly to do so if there is a roof. What I mean is like flower beds. You try to go trow them and get stuck. Can't climb it. And there is a stone with metal spikes coming out from the top. You cant go trow it. I guess it maybe to to trap the vampires. But its silly sense you can be in other bush's. An easy fix out be making it like the bush's. Being able to be in them. And it maybe cool to hide in it. It just looks silly because the character actually try's to climb it but fails repeatedly. I try do avoid it but in the heat of battle I try and get stuck and die xD so yea its a good trap xD

The flower beds are on the Provance map, right next to an healing station. The spikes are in sommerdamm close to a statue. And there is an area in The Fane with chairs like luxury place. It also happens there alot but sense its like a safe area I guess it isn't a big deal.

Thank you for making such an awesome game : )