Thread: CM16 starts season then freezes

CM16 starts season then freezes

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    CM16 starts season then freezes

    Hi. I have been playing for some time but decided to rested and start again. A new season loads ok with any team, and my staff and facilities are applied. I read the two messages re season objectives but when I select continue the game says it's processing but just hangs and does not progress. I've spent about £10 on CM$ and don't want to lose any of that!

    I have tried loading a new season with lots of different teams but it keeps happening.

    I am playing on an iPad running the most recent iOS.

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    Hey MagicMarv, I'm really sorry about my delayed response and to hear about these issues. I'd love to sort out that lost money for you but unfortunately Apple holds the purse strings for all iOS apps That being said, could you private message (click on my username in the top left of the this post) and perhaps we can sort something out and look into a potential fix.
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