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Thread: The ability to remove silencers from weapons is badly needed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valenka View Post
    Nothing is removable.
    I know, it sucks
    Quote Originally Posted by aieeeee View Post
    No word on the first update yet?
    The first update went out a while ago afaik, I wouldn't expect them to ever patch this though
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    The same here i hate a silencer on the Nagant M1985 and AK47M . And i think the knife is on a wrong tactical postion bether is on her Holster see on the pic

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    The knife thing really is nitpicking. She's not supposed to be a trained soldier or law enforcement tbh...

    Not letting you remove a silencer though is different.

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    There's nothing wrong with where Lara sheathes her knife. I, too, think that's a bit on the nitpicking side.

    (click image to enlarge)

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    Well, three patches down and still no ability to remove them. I'm guessing we're never going to get one. Really isn't making me want to buy the DLC...
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    I still want an Option to Toggle Silencers on and off. That's why i'm bumping this old Thread. Maybe put it in an Update for the 20 Year Celebration Edition.

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    Hehe guys, it's not Naughty Dog forum where all your wishes come true

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