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How to Report a Player

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    How to Report a Player

    Before proceeding, please see Lord_Aevum's post detailing how to report a player via their Steam Profile.

    In addition to that. Please report abusive and unsporting players, as well as suspected cheaters; by following the steps below.

    When reporting a player, it’s important to remember that 1 good report is infinitely better and more effective than 100 bad reports. It is for this reason that we ask for rather specific info from you when submitting a report.
    What we need from you

    Accuracy of information, and quality of evidence, is immensely important. Here’s the information we’re looking for in your report:

    • A link to the reported players’ Steam Profile:
    • Date of the event
    • Approximate time of the event (remembering to include your timezone)
    • Video(best) or Picture(less good, but better than nothing) Evidence (helps us deal with a report MUCH sooner)
    • Description detailing what the player did to cause you to report them

    Videos are absolutely the best form of evidence that you can provide, and with the likes of Nvidia Shadowplay, OBS or MSI Afterburner; it’s easier than ever to capture the precise moment of the offence.

    When recording video evidence, please ensure that the resolution and quality is quite high. 720p at a strong bitrate is good. We need to be able to read usernames and chat.

    Please leave at least 30 seconds of footage before and after the event that you are recording

    In order to get the video to us, please upload it to Youtube as an unlisted video, and include a link to the video in your report to support.

    Submitting your Report
    Please go to to access our ticketing system. From there, press the “Contact” button at the top of the page, followed by the “Get Support” button at the bottom.

    Choose Reports, and then Report a Player.

    From there, please follow the form steps through to completion.

    I’m going to leave this thread open for the next week or so. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. PLEASE DO NOT REPORT PLAYERS DIRECTLY IN THIS THREAD!!! Any posts doing that will be deleted.
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    Happened when 1 guy from opponent team thought my team is cheating and wanted to report me( low skilled player raging ), told me my acc will get banned, he salted all match. I hope i will not meet players like him next time

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    One can always hope VodkaKid123,

    Just a bit of an info update for everyone. We've updated the support section of the site so that it now has a "Reports" Category with a "Report a Player" sub-category, making it much more obvious how best to report a player.
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    nonono. can you specify this
    Originally Posted by Oghamsmith
    abusive and unsporting

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    AhahahahA , for IRRINTZI ☆[LEHOI] i use aimbot and now report me .

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    What do I do if I find a site offering software to cheat in Nosgoth?
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    Originally Posted by Vampmaster
    What do I do if I find a site offering software to cheat in Nosgoth?
    No worries, I already reported this site on their facebook page
    I got a response quite immediately

  8. So we can't actually access the Steam profile of the players we want to report anymore.
    What is the new procedure? Is the current username we see enough?

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    Would be really nice to know what to do without a steam profile.
    I happened to report a player because of bad behaviour yesterday, sent them ( his name / server id / time and a linked video. Their response didn't mention any missing details at least.

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    It's funny that some of the people I see about stuff in this thread, are some of the most toxic players I have come across ingame.
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