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CM16 Crash

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    CM16 Crash

    When I touch "play match" my game freezes and the app closes. I have tried emptying my data cache and restarting my device.

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1
    OS: Android
    Version: 4.2.2
    Game date: 11 March 2021
    Playing as: AS Roma

    I really don't want to start over. It took me 3 seasons to earn my Coaching Badge and after being hired by Roma from QPR I have built an embarassingly good side. Advice?

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    So after resigning and starting a new game over at Arsenal, I have just finished my fourth season (of the second game). It is 6 June 2019 I have just won the treble and I am in the process of resigning my players with expiring contracts. I press continue and instead of just freezing and shutting down from that screen, it displays the "processing..." screen without the Champ Man badge flashing and then closes the app. I had been having a few freezes late in that season and was able to work through them by making little changes before pressing continue (i.e. spending coins or CM$ on upgrades) but those are not working now. Any ideas? My device, OS, and OS version are still the same as above. Do I need to just give up and start over AGAIN?

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    If you have another device to play it on for now i suggest doing just that untill GD comes back online and you can message him directly and the team will try an get you past that date.

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    Hi guys, apologies for my really delayed response (Got lots going on here, but still poor form on my side). Arsenalf, are you still experiencing the issues now? We released an update for CM16 earlier this week that might just resolve this problem now... let me know!
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