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Thread: Plot twist for season two if using season 1 cast

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    Lightbulb Plot twist for season two if using season 1 cast

    First off, I just want to say that I reallllyyy hope Dontnod/SE end up using the same cast for season two as I feel we've all grown an emotional attachment to the characters, so it would be kind of sad to only use them for one season and not extend it to a second season at the most, and I do recall dontnod saying that they've decided to have a different cast for season two, which, if this is the case, I'd hope they reconsider and instead do something with Max to try and finish off the ending in a more satisfactory way, than have a different cast for season three, but that's just me.

    Anyway, I posted this idea on the steam forums for the game, but thought I'd post it here in hope that someone from Dontnod or SE passes the idea on, as I feel this idea gives dontnod the potential to give a better ending to the game than we got on season 1, while season 1 ending was quite good, to me, it lacked a feeling of "Finality", so my idea for season two I believe can put more "Finality" on the Max/Chloe/Kate etc side of LIS to pave the way for a new cast in season three.

    Anyway, here's my thoughts for season two which I feel could work out quite nicely as you can add in extra endings and extend the current two endings.

    Anyway, depending how you ended last season dontnod will have to come up with a way of analyzing your save file to to compile things like dialog and exciting like that, now lets get to the plot twist.

    For people who either decided to save Chloe or sacrifice her you get all the "Previously on life is strange" stuff than after all that crap is out of the way, it goes to a a cut scene of Max bursting out of bed going "Whoaa, that was an extremely surreal dream" or something like that, than early in episode one of season two, she accidentally re-winds time and it dawns on her that it wasn't a dream, but very long very detailed vision, this all happens two months before Rachel Amber was to be killed, but Max remembers all the details of the vision, soon after the vision, she heads back to Arcadia Bay, armed with the vision and the knowledge of it, she than hast to convince Chloe/Rachel that her vision was a prediction months in advanced before it was meant to happen and that they have to start getting the dirt on Jefferson/Nathan's little relationship (Remember, this takes place before Chloe has the confrontation with Nathan in the Bathroom), to not only save Rachel, but also save Kate from having to go through with the video getting spread by Victoria after she was drugged at the party.

    Also, Max knows that because she was abusing her powers, she caused a lot of strange to happen, so it should also be put into the players hands that they can chose a bunch of dialog with characters from the knowledge of the vision that Max had, and if you can remember which bits of dialog worked for a favorable outcome, it should be possible to complete the game without using the re-wind powers or time travel stuff..

    With the ending, this gives dontnod the chance to do a longer and more in-depth ending too imo and there needs to be something in season two to explain properly why Max got the powers. maybe one episode dedicated to Max figuring out why it was her who got the powers, mainly with talking to Kate.

    Why Kate? Well, in the first season the bullying towards Kate combined with the video was one of the major undoing's of Jefferson/Nathan's relationship, and imo, if it weren't for the bullying towards Kate and the video been in season 1 to help undo Jefferson/Nathan's little relationship, the story would have been quite a bit dry, Nathan/Jefferson did all their other victims immaculately, with no traces or evidence trails, but the drugging combined with the video of Kate which eventually led to the undoing of Jefferson/Nathan's little relationship, was done quite messily and very publicly in the end (Regardless to wherever you saved Kate or let her die), and if it weren't for Kate getting Bullied, it'd be a lot more tiring trying to catch Nathan/Jefferson out.

    So imo, this plot twist for season two would work out quite nicely I think.

    1- There is the potential to save Rachel and Chloe gets to keep her bestie and go to L.A with her, yay, happy ending for Chloe

    2- You can save the Kate the heartache of having to go through all the Bullying and the video again, so Kate doesn't have to experience it

    3- You might be able to fix the relationship that Chloe has with Madsen by trying to Convince Madsen to focus his spying efforts on Jefferson/Nathan

    4- And most importantly, if you are good, and remembered all the right answers/questions to make, you could complete the game without needing to abuse rewind/time travel powers and cause the storm, otherwise, if you do the same stuff as in season one, you put the potential for the tornado to come back. This is Max's chance help without causing weird from happening.

    There's likely going to be plot holes in this which I think can be filled or mitigated as best as possible, but overall, I think this would be a good plot twist for season two as it gives dontnod the chance to do a more in depth ending depending on how you finish the game, and hopefully, end the Max/Chloe/Kate etc thing with a bit more "Finality" than dontnod can continue on to a new cast and town.

    I'll try and be active on here in case more specific details come through, but I'm hoping you can all get the idea to what I'm getting at here.

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    "It was all a dream" is a huge cliché that is acceptable in Ep 1, but really unacceptable denoument. And writers didn't want a "happily ever after" ending. Just remember what Life is Strange was about, and then season two would be about: "Yeah, I fixed everything, everyone is happy!" This might work in fan fictions and theories, but not in Season 2 in my opinion.

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    I also think that we should get used to the idea that Max, Chloe and Rachel have had their story.

    Usually, getting attached to new people is always possible. When they introduce a new cast, it will probably take 10 minutes for us to warm up to them

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    Yeah, I can definitely see both your points.

    I just think dontnod could have a chance to do something interesting with the ending following this idea, even though I agree tatabj that it is a bit of a cliche, I feel dontnod could pull it off.

    Regardless, I'll still buy whatever dontnod do with LIS, I'd just like to see my idea done so dontnod can extend the current two endings and add in a third ending too.

    They could have two sad endings but extend the current ones by 15 minutes odd and add in a happy ending for a challenge typed thing, for the happy ending, you'd have to be able to complete the game without using the rewind time/time travel powers too much so space and time doesn't bugger up, but yeah, regardless I'm still buying season two of lis regardless to what dontnod do.

    I think I'd like to see a season where you're playing as Kate so you get to learn more about her and her family and etc.

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